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holly holly and candycane bar holly
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Left Book The Most Beautiful Christmas Tree
by Yates, William Theron
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The Christmas tree stood in a corner of the room, decorated from tip to floor with lights and tinsel and garlands and ornaments and a star shining down from the top. It was a beautiful tree.

The family had spent many hours decorating it. Boxes of things from Christmas past had been pulled out of hidden places in overstuffed closets and the dusty attic. Cries of "Oh, remember this one?" and "Didn't Grandma make this decoration?" and "Where's my little toy soldier?" and the rustle of wrapping paper filled the air. Music of the season flowed from the stereo and the intoxicating scent of cinnamon and gingerbread filled the air as Mother baked Christmas cookies in the kitchen.

Gradually the tree had been transformed from a somewhat scraggly and slightly lopsided piece of greenery into a joyous symbol of Christmas.

"Is this the most beautiful Christmas tree we ever had, Daddy?" a young voice asked.
"No", cried another, "it IS the most beautiful Christmas tree ever!"

As all pairs of eyes in the room turned to me, awaiting confirmation of this most excellent judgment, my mind suddenly filled with trees - a veritable forest of evergreens and elms, oaks and maples, sycamores and cypresses - and one certain tree. Before I quite knew what I was saying, I replied,

"No ... this is not the most beautiful Christmas tree ever."
Cries of "What?" and "Yes, it is!" assaulted my ears.

"Hush!" I said, "Shall I tell you of the most beautiful Christmas tree ever?"
"Oh, yes, Daddy, please tell us!" they chorused.

"Well, a long time ago, long before the very first Christmas, God said,

'One day, I will send My Son to the world, and He will show all people how to live and how to worship Me. He will give them a never-ending life with Me in Heaven where they will be happy forever. All they have to do is to be sorry for doing things their own way instead of My better way and to believe that He is my Son.'

"Long years passed and it was time for God's Son, Jesus, to be born. This is what we celebrate as Christmas."

"Yeah, there were shepherds and angels and wise men," said one.

"And Joseph and Mary, His mother," replied another.

"Yes, you all know the story of Christmas. But do you know the story of the first Christmas tree?"

"No, tell us! Tell us!"

"There was no tree at the first Christmas. In fact, the first Christmas tree didn't even come at Christmas!"

"What do you mean?"

"How could it be a Christmas tree if it wasn't at Christmas?"

"Well, Jesus grew up and told everyone about God, His Father, and that they could live forever with Him in Heaven. Many people believed, but some people did not want to change the way they were living ... and they were very powerful people. They got together and arrested Jesus and sentenced Him to die."

"Yeah, they nailed Him on a cross", said a sad, small voice.

"Yes ... that cross was the First Christmas Tree! We hang ornaments and decorations on our tree to make it look beautiful, don't we?"

Heads nodded.

"Well, when they hung Jesus on the cross, they hung the most beautiful ornament ever! He had a wreath of thorns and garlands of the blood He shed for us so we could go to Heaven. Those were the most priceless decorations ever.
"Because Jesus, God's greatest gift to us, died for us nailed to that tree, it really is The Most Beautiful Christmas Tree Ever!"

And all agreed.

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holly holly and candycane bar holly
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