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Left Book Tommy's Christmas Gift
by Burton, Wade
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There they sat, on a rock near the railroad tracks. These two boys, ages four and six, were brothers. They were waiting for the train to come by. No, they were waiting for the train to come and stop right where they were sitting.

Four year old Tommy had a serious problem. He couldn't walk. Never had. But Bobby toted him around on his back. They lived just a short way from the railroad crossing.

They heard the train whistle blowing in the distance. It always blew to keep cars off the tracks at the crossing where Tommy and Bobby were sitting. "Let's pray this will be the one," said Bobby. The boys folded their hands, closed their eyes, and expected a miracle that had never happened before. But the train didn't stop. Maybe tomorrow.

Bobby had prayed that his brother might get a wagon for Christmas. With a wagon he could pull Tommy anywhere he wanted to go. And Bobby wanted this wagon for Tommy more than he wanted anything else for Christmas. He had a dream about it. In his dream, somebody told him that Tommy was going to get his wagon for Christmas, and somehow it would come by train.

"Well," thought Bobby, "my Sunday School teacher told us about some wise men who traveled a long way by camels to bring baby Jesus some gifts." He further thought, "I don't know where the train comes from; but the Lord Jesus knows, and He's probably got plenty of wagons He wants to share with crippled boys and girls. We'll just sit on the rock and wait for Tommy's wagon to come by train."

This happened day after day as Christmas neared. As they sat and prayed one morning, the train slowed and stopped. "This has to be it," exclaimed Bobby to Tommy. But the train had stopped because there was an accident by another train far up ahead.

While the train crew waited, a man came down from the big locomotive and walked over to the rock where the boys sat. "Hi fellows, how you doing?" Bobby answered back,"We're waiting for Tommy's wagon." "Yeah, we noticed from the engine that you two seemed to be praying as we passed by," said the trainman. Bobby told him the story about Tommy, his need for a wagon, and the promise of that wagon in his dream. "Gotta go," said the trainman, "Good luck on the wagon." The train began rolling up the tracks.

Next day the boys were back on the rock. They prayed as the train approached. But it kept rolling in a steady pull up the tracks. "It's going to stop before Christmas," said Bobby, "I know it will, and it's gonna bring your wagon, you'll see."

Bobby reached down and Tommy climbed on his back. Neither noticed a truck that had stopped near the crossing. A man opened the truck door and called for the two boys to come over there. As they approached the vehicle, they saw it was the man who got off the train yesterday to talk with them.

"Here, let me show you something," and he and his friend unloaded a large box to the ground. "Maybe this will suit Tommy better than a wagon." They lifted a power-driven wheelchair from the box to the ground. Both boys' eyes almost popped out of their heads.

Their prayer had been answered. Answered through the passing train. For the train engineer belonged to a fraternity whose sole purpose was to help handicapped children. And the miracle grew when arrangements were made to take Tommy to a special hospital where doctors would use their skills to help Tommy to walk before the next Christmas rolled around.

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Additional Information

A Christmas tale created by Wade T. Burton
November 24, 2003

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holly holly and candycane bar holly
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