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Monday, July 16, 2018  |  162 Days Until Christmas
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Awards and Accolades

Thank You!When we started SantaSearch in 1996, our goal was to touch the heart of just one child, spread some Christmas cheer and truly make a difference. Since then, our many visitors (into the millions now) have and continue to send us a staggering amount of positive feedback, but it's still nice to see the Internet community take notice of our efforts. We are deeply honored that our contributions to children, parents and the Internet have been received so widely.

Our greatest rewards and best kept secrets will always be the children and families we've been able to help in the 'real world'. Whether it's putting a smile on a face or helping needy children, parents and families, it's truly an honor to be able to make a difference!

Thank you on behalf of the SantaSearch Team!

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SantaSearch is a non-commercial, not-for-profit, labor of love dedicated to touching the hearts of children big and small.  Your suggestions and comments are very important to us, please let us know what you think, we love hearing from you!

Below is a sample of the accolades and kind comments sent to us from visitors like yourself. Thank You!

My son and I LOVED this site. We sang and sang the songs together - just like the olden days when families gathered around the piano. All we needed was a crackling fireplace. We can't wait until next Christmas. Thanks for a great time!


Both of my children have sent mail to Santa from this site. I was shocked at the response. VERY PLEASANTLY SHOCKED! The letter that was sent in reply to my children was not just a simple auto responder, but an actual reply from an actual person. It was very touching. That is what the meaning of Christmas really is. People taking the time to actually care. From the bottom of my heart...Thank You for the extra effort.....The reaction from both my 4 year old and the rest of the family to the personal response was refreshing....Thank You Again! and Merry Christmas!


Now that the holiday season is winding down my wife and I want to take the opportunity to commend your team for a wonderful site. The letter Santa wrote back to my 7 year old daughter was incredible -- so very realistic, she just beamed as we all read it -- reminded my wife and I that "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus." Thank you again, and we are forever supporters of this Santa Site.

Alan and Patty

I am writing you to thank you for answering all of the Santa letters from my class. The kids really enjoyed writing their letter to Santa, but the best part was getting the response. They couldn't believe Santa really wrote them back. It was a very exciting day for us. We are going to hang every letter in the hall. We have told everyone we know to e-mail you. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my class. I love the fact that you stress the most important thing about Christmas isn't the presents under the tree. Thank you very much from all of us!


Good Morning All,

I just wanted to tell you that I think your site is one of the best, if not THE best Christmas sites on the net. *smiling big time here* I found it last night, and just in time too I might add. My grandson is here for the day, and he's enjoying it beyond words. I've printed out some of your coloring projects, and we've sung along with your songs. *great* I'd like to take this opportunity to wish ALL of you a most joyous season, and keep up the good work. Now we are off to see what else we can get into......... *laffin*

Nanny & Austin

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. Just tuned into the site at the suggestion of friend and am well pleased. I look forward to reading more. Very enjoyable. I like the variety and true meaning of Christmas stories, especially. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Thanks for hours of enjoyment this holiday season. Downloaded some graphics and cut and pasted lyrics to make song books for personal use -- friends and relatives enjoyed the singalong. My husband and I enjoyed singing along with your great music while we were working. Have a Happy Holiday!


We are the grandparents of 5 grandbabies, your thoughtfulness in your letters back to them is greatfully appreciated. We may never know you, but God bless you for your time and great effort. We trust you have as great a Christmas as you have given our babies. God Bless, Take Care, Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandpa Ron

I have just spent the last hour enjoying your web site with my two children. They think this site is great. I am sorry I didn't find it sooner. The graphics and content are amazing. I am very impressed. You should take great pride in yourselves for producing such a high quality family site. Merry Christmas!


Thank you for all your hard work on this sight. My son loves all the songs, and his e-mail was replied to quickly. Again thanks for all the hard work in keeping Santa alive to kids of all ages.


I received the letter today. Thanks for your prompt response. I'm really impressed with the letters and the personal touch each one has. This is definitely a site that I have bookmarked and passed onto friends. In fact, we were at an event the other day and there was a Santa. I asked my boys if they wanted to go talk to Santa and they said "Why? We already e-mailed Santa and he wrote us back so we know he knows what we want. Why do we need to talk to him again?" My practical boys! Thanks again for your prompt reply. A very merry Christmas to you!!


You are a blessing. Now I have the words for my family and friends to sing when we gather together on Christmas Eve. Singing together is such joy! Thanks for your great addition together with cute graphics. Happy Holidays to everyone who had a hand in your site!


My Name is Peter and I have several Grand Children and on Christmas day I will been connecting again to this Internet. I am highly delighted to have connected to this by chance and I wish to highly congratulate you for such a magnificent programme as this one.


What a wonderful site for children of all ages!!!! I'm 51 with three children from ages 18 thru l4 and we all are contacting your site and telling friends about it. I LOVE THE SONG SHEETS! May God Bless you for your special gift to all who use your site, today it may my very very bad day alot brighter. Thanks again for lifting our spirits. Merry Christmas to all of you and yours!


WONDERFUL!!! I haven't really been in a great mood lately; I came upon your website and enjoyed hours of Christmas songs. I had a sing-a-long all by myself. I found songs that are very special to me. Thank you. You have given me a great Christmas gift that I will share with others :)


I would like to take a minute to let you know what a wonderful site you have. The e-mail that our girls received from Santa was wonderful they were both very excited. We have tried a couple of Santa sites on the web but your site tops all others. Our daughters enjoyed the personalization of the letter. Several times they have asked to come back to your site to listen and sing the Christmas songs. Keep up the good work we are letting all of our friends and family know of your site. Thanks!


WOW!!!!! I can't tell you how WONDERFUL your site is!!!! My son and I found it while searching the web for lyrics for Christmas carols and what a FIND!! My son Aaron got to e-mail Santa and let me tell you when he got Santa's reply his whole face lit up!!! Thank you so much for making this a wonderful Christmas experience and a new tradition for our family! With much thanks and have a wonderful holiday!


You have one of the "BEST" sites regarding a theme (Christmas) that I have ever come across. Excellent layout, graphics and sounds. I hope you keep this page going forever as I have it marked as my site to visit for "Christmas Stuff". Thank you for providing a truly useful website.


What a wonderful site. You have everything I needed to organize a great Christmas party, and more. Thanks for all your hard work. You have one of the best sites I have ever seen. I'll pass it on to my friends an coworkers. Merry Christmas.


Hello, I am the father of Samantha and Maggie who recently wrote to you. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They really enjoyed writing the letter and getting the response. It showed that you read their letters. Too much of this world is based on auto-response, thank you for being real.


Thank you so much. Your letter is something that will have a very special place in Madeline's baby book!! I knew it would be neat but I had no idea it would be so sentimental and written "just for her"!! Thank you again. You made my day.


I just wanted to drop you "all" a note to say "thank-you" for your wonderful work... This site is the BEST Santa site I've been to .. and the letters from Santa are WONDERFUL!!! I have 3 boys and each letter was different.. so they really believe!!! even got my 10 year old having some doubts.. LOL... Bravo!!!!! I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!!!


Here I have been going on my daily tasks, wanting to love Christmas, wanting to find my Christmas heart this year. I found it in such an "unlikely" place. On the internet. While wandering the web for Christmas lyrics for my Girl Scout troop (we are going caroling tonight), I came across your website. Even after I finished finding the words I was looking for - I came back to read the stories and poems. There are many reasons why Christmas is special to me, and the beautiful stories you shared here reminded me of what those reasons are.

I found my Christmas spirit. I will share the stories with my family and those of the girls I lead tonight. Thank you ever so much.


Thank you so much for this wonderful service you provide. My son was truly touched by the response he received. It was personal and written just to him. Merry Christmas to you all.


THANK YOU for all the people and efforts put into this site. My family has enjoyed this site together for many, many hours and there's no more running all over the web looking for something spirited with splendor. Happy holiday season, folks, and thanks again!


This site is great. I am a college student who is finding getting into the spirit very difficult. I am so swamped with work that it doesn't even seem like Christmastime! It is about 2:30 in the am right now and finding this site was a God send. I feel so refreshed and the spirit of Christmas has found me! So, I want to thank you very much!! Sincerely,


As a parent - and a Canadian parent who is very proud of being Canadian! - I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful site, which my five-year-old daughter and I discovered this evening. Katie's letter is already on its way to Santa but she also enjoyed the other things to do, and we actually had quite a discussion on the relative merits of the Christmas carols! I'm so glad to see a site like this, designed purely for the purpose of pleasing children around the world, and spreading a little more of the Christmas magic. Thanks again!


I would like to take the time to comment and compliment everyone who worked on this web site. I have a 5 year old son and he and I have spent hours just enjoying the music and stories. I am full time working mother and I'll admit the evenings can be hectic and go by very quickly; however, it makes my heart melt when my son sits on my lap and we sing and laugh together. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share all of your wonderful work and enjoy it with my son. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!


Your letter writing with a very personal touch will make a lot of children very happy this Christmas. I know that my son was thinking there was no Santa, but, after reading your reply, I think he's convinced once again that you are real. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

A grateful parent.

How wonderful this is, I just wanted to take this time to thank you for all your hard work. As if there wasn't enough to do this time of the year, you have done something to make all children happy! This is great, I just wanted you to know how appreciative I am of all your hard work!! Have a Very Merry Christmas, and a great New Year! From a Thankful Mother of 2.


That was amazing. Truly amazing. Thank you so very very much for your insight and being able to figure out that O'Malley was a cat that we had lost - how do you do that?? You gave a much better response than my husband or I were able to come up with - very comforting.. I'm now running about spreading news of your site to everyone I know! Thank you, once again!

A Happy Mom

Thank you so very much!!!!!!!! This is truly a wonderful site..... All who are involved made a sick (flu) little girl very happy today. God bless you all. And I hope this holiday season is wonderful for all of you, and your loved ones as well! Happy Holidays! Peach, love and much happiness in the coming year!!!!!!!!


Good Morning & seasons greetings. I stumbled upon your page link today, Thank goodness for this.. I read several of your stories that are posted.. I must tell you that I have looked at a lot of sights to read their Christmas stories. I rate yours the best!!!!! Moving, inspirational, and some times sad.. Please keep up the good work... My favorites were Golden Slippers & The Envelope... Amazingly written! Thank you.


Just a quick note to say that your site is wonderful!! Keep up the great work!! This is the second year that my daughter has written to Santa and loves the personal letter that he returns. Thanks for making Christmas special for us!!

The Smythe Family

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your Santa letters! Each one is personalized and different. I have encouraged all my friends to send a letter to Santa Claus. And a note to Santa....... I know you must be tired, but you are doing such a great job this year in writing all the letters not only to the little kids, but to the adults too. We need more people like you in the world. Thanks again. Have a great Holiday season!!


Fabulous.....I saw it on TV and immediately checked it out can't wait to show my 6 yr. old in the morning she will be thrilled with it too....thanx for making it all non-profit. That's great.


Just a short note to tell you what a wonderful site you have. The letters to the children seemed so real it had me believing again!! We really appreciate the work you've put into the letters. Thanks and Merry Christmas.


"You were a God Send today. Last night my daughter who is 11 years old, who is a sever emotional disabled child, visited Santa at our apt. complex party. The Santa told her that the reindeer were outside, she went out there to pet them, and could not find them. Then he told her that they were in the woods, so off she went, in the 15 degree weather and snow! I finally got her and she was traumatized because Santa had left her without saying goodbye - or letting her pet the reindeer. We came home after driving around for 45 minutes trying to find Santa, and I went online. She was able to write to you, which helped, but then this morning when she read your letter, she knew you were still the Santa she loves and the other one just had to be one of  your elves. So thank you Santa and Jingles with all my heart for helping my little girl.


I just want to let you know that I think your site is absolutely wonderful. My kids love this site. There is all kinds of things to do, and places to go. Thank you very much for your wonderful site. One other thing, is there anyway to download the snowflake that follows your mouse around the page? Please let me know, everyone loves it. Thank-you!


This is the BEST site ever! (for emailing a letter to Santa!) What a great idea! Keep up the great work! All the kids LOVE the fact that they can write to Santa at his own site. I've told all of my family and friends about this site and they all love it too! Thank you thank you thank you for this wonderful site! Thank you all for your hard work and all the time and care you put in your letters you send back to us all. God Bless and have a Merry Christmas yourselves. May Santa be good to you all as well.

My children recently wrote to Santa in sheer excitement. This is one new way of writing to Santa, for us. When they received their emails from Santa, you cannot imagine how they felt. Especially Kailey (9) and Alexandra (7). You've given one more year to Kailey to believe in Santa. The kids at school keep telling her that there is no Santa, and this website has done wonders for her in more ways than I think you know. Your website is beautiful, because it is for kids, and if all kids get as excited about receiving such a personal letter as mine have, you are truly doing something good in this world. Thank you for helping my children continue to believe in the spirit of Christmas. I hope you know what a good thing you're doing. Merry Christmas to everyone involved.


I would like to say a great big thank you for making a lovely site and for the e-mails that you have sent to my children, they are so individual and full of the words kids need to hear. So a great big THANK YOU.

Hi there, I'm a mom and was turned on to your site by my dad and have since got my 7 yr. old involved. We love to read Santa's Journal everyday, it sure brightens ours :) Thank all the elves for the great job and hope they have a very Merry Christmas too. Thanks alot for the magic........

Teresa (An older little girl)

holly holly and candycane bar holly

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