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Sunday, July 22, 2018  |  156 Days Until Christmas
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Friends of SantaSearch


We'd like to stop and take a moment to acknowledge and thank those who continue to support us while asking for absolutely nothing in return but the joy of helping others...

Corporate Friends

To our team of dedicated, compassionate, caring volunteers, a tremendous thank you to each and everyone of you. You are the heart and soul that drives SantaSearch. Each year we set out a goal of touching the heart of just one child and throughout the years we have been able to touch thousands! We're blessed to be able to gather such a wonderful group of people and we thank you.

Corporate Friends

CoolGuys Consulting
Special thanks to James E. Kupperian, III of CoolGuys Consulting, who for years now has been volunteering and providing us with his talent, programing skills and services. James definately puts the Cool in CoolGuys Consulting!

Another special thank you to Ron Leishman of Years ago, friends pointed us to these humorous adorable little cartoon characters. After visiting Toon-a-day and finding out subscribers received a toon everyday for just a dime a day, we were hooked! The inspiration for many of Ron's 'Toons' comes from subscriber requests including some of the many 'Toons' you see featured on SantaSearch.

MegaByte Communications
A HUGE thank you to John Higday and all of the good folks at MegaByte OnLine Inc., our website hosting company. John and his team have been providing us with complimentary free top notch services both in resources and technical help for years now. MegaByte OnLine Inc. has a MegaHeart!

Corporate Friends

Lastly, we'd like to thank YOU, our visitors. The teachers, group leaders, parents and children alike from around the world who come to enjoy our magical website. Each year we set out with the goal of touching the heart of just one child. It's heart warming to know we've been able to put smiles on many many faces and have made a real difference in the lives of many needy children and families.

Merry Christmas One and All!!!

The SantaSearch Team

holly holly and candycane bar holly

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