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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
holly holly and candycane bar holly

December 9

Well my darlings we have made it to the Atlantis
doorsteps. If only Atlantis was at its full glory.
Atlantis was once a great, powerful and advanced
race but unfortunately their race is no longer in
existence. Ahhh, I remember bringing Christmas
presents to all the young Atlanteans. They kept me
on my toes. Always wanting the next big thing to
keep their race advancing. It was always a
pleasure to come see them, well before their
island sank that is. They were a great bunch of
people with a rich history and glorious
traditions. In fact, they gave me some of the
technology I use in my sleigh today! HO!HO!HO!

We made our way up to the city of Atlantis
and into the old throne room. Comet ran up to the
throne and under the throne itself was the lamp. I
reached down and pulled the lamp from its hiding
spot and looked at Comet and said “Well, let’s get
this started.” I rubbed the lamp a few times and
set it on the ground in front of the throne and
waited. Just as I moved away from the lamp blue
smoke started to billow out of it. The blue smoke
then formed an image and came to life. The being
said “ I am Crithos, genie of this lamp, you are
entitled to one wish.” Crithos then opened his
eyes and looked at me and said “YOU!!!! HOW DID
HERE??” I looked at Crithos and said “you are in
the lost city of Atlantis, well lost to the rest
of the world but not for me who has made so many
trips here when they were around, well anyway that
is where you are. I had Comet put your lamp
somewhere in the world that no one would find it
and he did, that is how you got here and how I got
the lamp. Now if you don’t mind I would like to
claim the wish I am entitled to.” Crithos then
said “ No Santa you may not have a wish. You will
not ruin what took me eons to get. I, Crithos, a
genie, a magical being such as yourself Santa,
being only able to be released once in how many
years it takes to have someone find me. Then to
return to the inside of the lamp until called upon
by some individual that ends up asking for greed
or fame. Then there are magical beings like you,
who roam free and get worshipped by the world and
for what? DELIVERING TOYS!!!!” I told Crithos that
Christmas is much more than toys, it is about love
and spirit and goodwill to all. Crithos did not
want to hear it and said “I may not have a free
life but I still can produce magic to make sure
Christmas never happens again by letting the wish
Sprinkles made stand.” Then in a blue blast,
Crithos changed Comet into a guinea pig. Crithos
then said “you can leave now or have a similar
fate Santa” and he and the lamp disappeared. I
picked up Comet and said "we will try again in the
morning." So here I am, going to try to get some
sleep and come up with a way to stop Crithos.
Sleep tight my darlings and good night.

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holly holly and candycane bar holly


















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