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Thursday, July 19, 2018  |  159 Days Until Christmas
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December 9

Letters, letters, and more letters! Mrs. Claus and I read and I answered almost everyoneís last night. I have a few more to finish this morning before starting todayís pile. We had so much fun reading those letters. I am not so sure we ever laughed so hard. She canít wait until I bring some home tonight. Most everyone is being very good boys and girls, but there are a few that are slipping. I just know they will figure out what they are doing thatís not good and stop in time so that they donít fall off the good boysí and girlsí lists. Mrs. Claus and I worry about all of you because we love you very much. I see tears in her eyes every time she opens and reads a letter Why? Because by you sending us these letters we know you love us too!!

Sandy said she has a new little sister and she helps take care of her. She said her name is Lana. Kathleen has a little sister too now. Her name is Sharon and Kathleen is waiting to see just how long her Mommy and Daddy lets Sharon stay because she makes so much noise. Keith has a brother now but he doesnít like him and wants him to go back, but every day when he comes home from school Eli is still there. Tommy has two baby brothers and he canít wait to be able to play with them but all they do right now is make Mom and Dad feed them and change their clothes, then they go to sleep. When they wake up it starts all over again even if Mom and Dad are eating. They even have to give them baths too! Richie went on vacation with his little brother and his parents let him ride in the stroller with Davey because he got really tired of walking. Bryan and Carolyn have three siblings, one brother and two sisters now and they say they have a lot of fun crawling around on the floor with them. Sometimes Bryon plays ďroll the ballĒ with them. He even lets them play with his special Spider-man ball.

Clive took his new puppy down to the creek and they both had lots of fun jumping and splashing in the mud and water. When his Mum called him in for lunch they got muddy foot prints all over Mumís kitchen floor. Not fun for Mum because she had to clean the floor again. After lunch and promising to wash the puppy in the yard he was allowed to go out and play again. He really didnít get into any trouble until dinner when the frog from his pocket jumped on the table and then onto his Gran while she was eating her soup. Pam took some money from the cookie jar without asking and spent it on candy. She says she felt so bad that she told her mom and is now doing jobs around the house for her mom and dad. Instead of being paid an allowance for the work she does, each job was given an amount and when she finishes it the price is taken off what she owes. She told me she was very sorry for taking the money but very proud that she confessed and is working off the money. Mrs. Claus and I are happy she was big enough to admit what she did was wrong and is taking her punishment like a very big girl. We hope she has learned a valuable lesson.

Sylvania fell down and scrapped her knee and cried really hard, but she let her Pop Pop clean it and put medicine on it so it wouldnít get infected. CandiAnneís tummy started hurting really bad. She had to go to the hospital and have surgery. It was appendicitis. She is home now and getting better every day. Paul fell off his bike. He broke his arm in two places and he canít climb trees, swing on swings, or ride his bike for six to eight weeks! He also canít write his homework, his mom or dad has to write what he says the answers are. He likes that a lot.

Mark and Jason want their daddy to come home from the war safe and ready for lots of hugs. Darline, Paula, David, Michelle, Aldia and many, many other children want the same thing. They all want their mommies and daddies, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, or cousins to come home safe.

These are just a sample of what Mrs. Claus and I found in your letters today.

The answer to yesterdays Trivia Question is:

By tradition the youngest always opens the first gift.


What do candy Canes represent?

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