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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
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December 8

I am glad I got an early start this morning! I should have gone over to Chocolake Estates first since they are to the west of Christmas Town, but I didn’t. So I rode directly into the sun all morning long (well technically only for about an hour and fifteen minutes). If you ever come up to visit me, make sure you bring a very sturdy pair of sunglasses! Sun bouncing off the ice crystals in the snow are as blinding as the sun bouncing off of water! Maybe even more so!

But the news is good. The two stables are going to discuss how to pick their own sleigh teams. I felt it was probably a good idea to go with ten reindeers per team so that numbers could make up for experience. I gave them 4 days to get their teams ready. I think if I do back to back nights of delivery, I will be able to get everything to where it needs to be long before the 24th.

Elf Pol Eece has enlisted the aid of Elf Cahn Staybul who heads up the Elf Patrol over in Mistyberg and Elf Depp U. Tee from the Chocolake Estates Elf Patrol. He hopes between the three of them they can get a better idea of what is really going on and, if need be, assign a full time security around the stables. They will be meeting tomorrow morning. So wishing them the best of luck. If the main sleigh team keeps getting chubbier and chubbier there will not be enough time to get them in shape prior to the flight.

I guess now is a good time to get our minds off of the problems of the day and get to thinking about our friends Rayne and Preslie! Are you ready to continue with the story? I sure am.

(Mistyberg Chap 6)
And so it went for the next hour. Harley made six trips and walked along side of Cora finishing his tale of meeting the reindeer, or more precisely getting close enough that the reindeer fled. For her part, Cora listened with enough interest to take her mind off the continual pain of the slide. If she hadn’t been so close to the beach already she probably would have swallowed her pride and accepted being handled like a dangling fish just to get this over with.
Harley walked along the beach occasionally joining them in the water for a swim. When the cubs found a school of fish they tossed a few on the beach for Harley to chew on while he waited for them to get their fill. And so the group continued until they reached a deep creek that ran up into and thru the jagged land. According to Harley they could take this all the way across most of the land section and on the other side there should be enough snow that they would easily be able to finish this part of the journey pain free. Even better than that he was going to rush ahead and get to the North Pole before them and send help back to the water. After all, his feet were specially designed to walk on snow as easily as humans with snow shoes on!
The cubs had lost site of Harley almost as soon as he left. Jean started a game of tag that soon had them all laughing and swimming up and down the creek. The good news is even as they were playing, they were making progress towards their destination, a fact that Rayne was pleased with. While he was never nominated to be their leader, he had taken on the role of being the leader with the aid of Preslie. After all, it was the two of them that were leaving together and the others just happened to join.
“BE QUIET!” shouted Kenzy who was ahead of everyone else at the moment. She swam over to the shore and faced north. Her whiskers flicked as she strained to listen.
“What is it?” Cody asked sliding up beside her.
“Shh.” Kenzy hushed her friend. “I hear something.”
(to be cont)

What do you think Kenzy was hearing? Hope it was not the thrumming again don’t you? Anyways, it is bed time and I am very happy to be going to get some sleep. With any luck I will sleep soundly and sleep until the birds start chirping at my window in the morning. Good night to all and to all a good night.

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