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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
holly holly and candycane bar holly

December 7

I woke early this morning my darlings and got prepared to go meet the genie and end all this silliness before more time is wasted. We are way behind in production and poor Jingles has been running himself ragged (literally, you should see him, he hasn’t been able to shave, his hair is out of control and he has holes in his shoes!). So I got dressed and headed out to the stables to find Comet. I got Comet and asked him where on Earth he placed the lamp. With his hoof he drew a picture and I could not believe he went to this place. I asked him “ How?, How in the spirit of Christmas did you go there?” Comet looked at me and chuckled. All I could do was shake my head. I then said “Well, let me go get re-ready.” I started to walk away and then looked back at Comet and said “You’re coming with me!” I turned and headed to the house and all I heard was a loud snorting sound coming from Comet. I laughed. I went back to the house and yelled for Mrs. Claus “Change of plans Jessica, I need my red diver’s suit. Comet placed the lamp in a place you would never have thought of.”

OK my darlings lets go over my check list. Diver’s suit….check, flippers….check, magic air bubbles…..check (magic air bubbles put a helmet of air around my head and Comet’s to allow us to breath underwater), magic reindeer food….check, cookies……check, waterproof magic bag….check (I need something to put my cookies in HO! HO! HO!). Well I think that is all that I need. I headed downstairs and gave Mrs. Claus a kiss and I said over the intercom so all of Christmas Town can hear me “Comet and I are heading out, please be nice and work together to get some stuff done for Christmas if you would. I will see you all soon and with any luck, we will have Christmas and all my friends back to normal. See you soon! HO! HO! HO!”

I went to the stable and got Comet when I heard “Saaaaannnnntaaaaaa!!!!! Waaaaaiiiiiiiit Uuuupppp!” I turned around to see Loopy running full speed at me. Loopy ran up to me and said “Santa…..huff…huff…….this…..puff…puff…is…huff…for…puff……..huff huff…..uuugghh.” and Loopy fell over while handing me a device that looked strange to me. I bent over and asked..Loopy, are you ok?” Loopy said “yes, tired, not use to running…...” Then Loopy got up and said “this is for you Santa, since we are not sure how long you will be gone, instead of having an elf do the journal, you can. All you have to do is speak into the device and it will print it into your journal for you.” “HO!HO!HO!, what a wonderful invention, thank you Loopy, I am sure it will come in handy.” “No problem Santa.” said Loopy. I then looked at Comet and asked “You ready boy?” and Comet shook his head yes. I got on Comet and we started off into the sky. I saw Mrs. Claus and yelled down to her “Here we go!!! Off to Atlantis!”

So now I am talking into this device to finish today’s entry. I will say good night here my darlings and sleep tight. I will talk to you tomorrow!!!

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holly holly and candycane bar holly


















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