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Wednesday, May 23, 2018  |  216 Days Until Christmas
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December 7

Hello! I was ever so politely asked to take care of Santa’s journal for today by Jingles. I hope you don’t mind. My name is Elf Tersa. I have a couple of jobs around the NorthPole. First and foremost I am the village nurse. I handle all the paper cuts, boo boo’s and belly aches. I also handle all the births of the baby elves up here. When there is no one that needs any medical attention I work in the wrapping department. As I read you already know that since Santa had already wrote about my little package mishap with the wrapping machine. I must admit it was a folly but things happen and all you can do is laugh about it. I am just glad Santa came in and found me when he did. Well, I am not so use to writing in a journal so I am going to give this my best attempt.

There are always a lot of crazy things happening up here at the NorthPole. Just this past week I saw Elf Sprinkles dangling from the Christmas tree in the center of town. I looked up at her and asked “um Sprinky, why or how did you end up in the Christmas tree?” Sprinkles replied to me that “well I was out sledding with Elf NiteTime and I hit a snowbank and it sent me flying and the first thing I hit was the tree.” So I laughed and then asked ”So, Sprinky, um how long have you been in the tree?” and Sprinkles replied “About 10 minutes now and would you please help me out, this tinsel isn’t going to hold out much longer!” I could not help myself but laughed again. While laughing in my hysterics I saw Elf Mac walking by with a ladder and asked if I could borrow it to become Elf Sprinkles “knight in shinning armor” and he said sure but I do not want to even know how she got up there to begin with. Well we got her down and she said to us “This is going to say between us right?” Sure Sprinky, sure… she will laugh when she reads the journal, at least I think she will.

Well the update for today comes from the team being over the Great Abaco Island. The team stated that they have a promising lead, kind of. They stated that they have picked up a heavy magic trail that leads north bound towards Florida, that’s the positive, the kind of is that it looks like when Santa was leaving the island he lost part of the sleigh, that they recovered a ski from the sleigh as well as his hat and a glove. The team said not to panic, that Santa might have just been trying to get away from something pretty fast and that’s why he lost them but they have deployed a second team bravo to head south bound along Santa’s path north bound. That they are hoping to find Santa in the middle somewhere. The team stated that they will have another report from Florida tomorrow and to keep your ears crossed (it’s an elf thing) but you at home can cross your fingers.

Well this I guess is where I will trail off and “wrap” this journal entry up.. get it, wrap, I work in the wrapping department. Never mind, no one else ever gets my jokes either. So go ahead and get some rest you sweet little people (kinda funny coming from an elf huh, little people, I’m little..never mind) Sleep tight and hopefully soon we will have Santa writing in his journal again and not us elves.

Merry Christmas!

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