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Thursday, May 24, 2018  |  215 Days Until Christmas
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December 7

The back-up sleigh was fully packed and ready to make a nights run to drop off the bags to the warehouses. Everything seemed to be going great and life was as right as rain. The reindeer were on their second day of becoming more alert, Elf Mah Jichin had concocted enough flying powder to get the team and I back in quick fire time and suddenly everything went awry! The Christmas Town stables was suddenly falling asleep by the dozens. I don’t know what is going on. I went down to see for myself and sure enough, the reindeer were getting sleepier and sleepier by each passing moment.

I went to see Elf Pol Eece hoping he could go down and do some looking around for any signs of mischievousness. I didn’t really know what to tell him to look for, but am sure the Doc can suggest some things. Between the two I am hoping they can put together some ideas to help solve the Sleeping Mystery so we can get things back running smoother.

But the largest problem is I need to get these large bags put on location within one or two days. Mrs. Claus thinks I should spread the work load out to the other two stables. Maybe even have two support teams – one from each town. It certainly sounds like a great idea but I just worry about the main team that has flown with me since we all got together. After this long I know I can depend on them to get me everywhere without so much as a knocked out lamp pole. I guess at some point I should realize that it is good to have support teams for all instances. Maybe I’ll take a ride tomorrow and talk to the reindeer at the Mistyberg and Chocolake Estates stables and see what they think. I am sure they would love to be included in the main events instead of being volunteer ground sleigh haulers between towns.

Production is right on track, which is the most important thing aside from having sleeping reindeer. So have no fear, Christmas will soon be here! I best get to bed early so that I can get an early start. As soon as I wash my face and hands and brush my teeth we’ll continue with the story. Sound good? Alrighty! Be back shortly.

“Pardon me Mr. Harley, but we really do not have a lot of time. Maybe you can tell us of a safer spot to cross so we can continue on.” Rayne interrupted knowing time was always an important factor in feeding and freedom.
“Indeed. Good point. ‘Sit around and waste no time for tales when thy tail be in a fix’ is what I always say. Wait. No, that isn’t what I always say. As a matter of fact I really don’t say a lot. Of course times like these I do tend to speak a bit more but social situations call for social interactions I always say. No. I just happened to say it this time.” Harley sat back thinking on what he did and did not always say. Try as he might he could not really think of anything he actually always said.
“Uhm, easier place to cross?” Preslie reminded Harley of what the topic was.
“Ah. Yes. First let’s get you all back to the beach and then we will set out. Now if you will permit me to assist you, I will pick you up and carry you to the water individually. It will save much time and much pain indeed. I always say quick and painless. No. I don’t always say that do I?”
The cubs all looked at each other. Harley was offering to carry them. A good thing in most situations, but in this particular situation they were trusting their bodies in a large polar bears mouth; a polar bear that eats seals. Curt already annoyed at having to turn back seized the opportunity to get a free ride off these pain in the belly rocks.
“You can take me first please. Anything is better than ripping my stomach to shreds having to go back and forth across the same trail for hours.” Curt said
Preslie looked over at Rayne and shrugged before whispering “At least if Curt gets eaten we wont have to worry about tied votes.” Rayne laughed and nodded his head as he watched Harley easily lift Curt in his powerful jaws and easily trot to the beach. Rayne moved closer to Preslie and the two whispered back and forth as Harley returned three more times carrying Jean, Cody and then Thew to a softer location.
“Why don’t you just wait for Harley?” Amalie called out to Cora when she noticed Cora was not waiting for a ride.
“I am not going to have that over grown teddy bear get a taste of me. It is very improper to be hauled around like a piece of meat. I can make it there on my own. If you wish to be tossed around like a fish that is your business, but I have my pride.” Cora replied intermixing the occasional ‘ow’ and ‘ouch’ when a particular deep cut was made.
Rayne looked at Preslie and said “Hard headed that one is.”
(to be cont)

Sure wish Cora had just taken a ride with Harley don’t you? But sometimes life can be like that and things get more difficult. I think she learned it is sometimes easier to just accept some help. I know I learned that lesson many years ago! Good night to all!

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