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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
holly holly and candycane bar holly

December 6

Wow! Wow! Wooooowwwwwww! The sleigh is starting to look like a sleigh should! Elf Paints-a-lot did an exceptional job getting the first coat sprayed on. She says it needs to dry the rest of the day, but tomorrow she will have it taken to the electronics/electrical shop to begin the wiring phase. I am starting to get even more excited now! Just imagining being back in the skies again for another Christmas around the world gets me jiggling and a jangling!

After seeing the sleigh, I swung by the Docs shop as I mentioned last night. She is nearly 90% sure there is something amiss going on. She found a bit of a sleeping agent in the crumb samples taken from the Christmas Town stables. But there were no signs of the sleeping agent in the main food supply in the loft, so it could just have been one of those odd things that happen. Doc even braved her way to the stables after I had left to take a look around. This evening as I was heading home she caught up with me to let me know the reindeer were all a bit tired, but not sleeping like they had been. So things are looking good here indeed! Sometimes in life something happens that sets your plans back a few notches, but then everything speeds back up and life is good again.

The snow storm persisted into the late afternoon, but as soon as it calmed a bit, more bags were filled and toted to the staging area. I think the next clear moon filled night I will make a run to the worlds warehouses and make another bag drop off for the season. Most likely will have to make several drop offs next week because Mistyberg is now concentrating on paints and dyes and glitters. If I remember next year, I will try to tell a bit more about the differences in our three towns here. Of course the main difference is Christmas Town produces the most variety of items, Chocolake Estates has the largest Candy making variety and Mistyberg has the largest painting/dyeing facilities.

So now that all seems to be good at the stables and the sleigh is starting to be air ready and I am all comfortable at my desk with a nice cup of hot chocolate (straight from the chocolaty goodness of Chocolake Estates chocolate lake!).

(Mistyberg cont)
“We are trying to find a new spot to live. Rasth..” Amalie began saying.
“Rasth? You know Rasth? I met him last year. Nice chap he is. Strange diet. Clams. Don’t know how he can keep his weight just eating those small tid bits. He even brought one up for me to try. All I can say is ‘Yuck’! Of course I wasn’t as skilled at opening the shells and I ended up eating as much shell as I did clam. Whales and seals! Now that is good eating! Wait, sorry! I meant just whales. You are all too cute to eat. Yes indeed. Whales. Nice blubbery whales.”
The group sat and stared at the polar bear. He was far different than any expected. Noisy was the first thought on half their minds; huge was the most common opinion. But there was also the strange feeling amongst all of them that he really had no intention of hurting them. Glancing around at each other they could sense that none of them were afraid and that the polar bear was not there to pose a threat.
“I am Rayne, a Harp seal.” Rayne spoke as he turned fully. He then went on to introduce the rest of the cubs with the occasional wince as a rock dug into his belly.
“Indeed you are a Harp seal Rayne. It is a pleasure to meet you all. I am Harley, an Arctic Polar Bear.” Harley replied with a smile to relieve any tension that was still felt by the cubs. “So what brings you up on the land and especially on the roughest trek of rocks. It is hard enough to walk around here, can’t imagine having to slide on my belly.”
“It is a bit painful,” Amalie said as she adjusted her body a bit to the left to get off a particularly pointed rock.
“We are here because Rasth said we should seek help from Santa. He said Santa would be able to protect us from the humans.”
“Ah. Humans.” Harley said. He had seen the remains of seal hunts and the damage the ships had left along the many ice packs he traveled on throughout his six years of life. He understood now why these cubs were working so hard to find a safe. But Harley also knew that there were many ships that plowed through the spring ice flows.
“I have heard of Santa and have on an occasion or two met a few of the elves and once got close to a reindeer. But I was hungry at that time and I think the reindeer knew I had eating on my mind so it ran off. It was a curious story. I was foraging for berries as I had not found any..” Harley said as he sat back ready to tell the tale of his chance encounter with a reindeer.
(to be cont)

I think I am going to grab another cookie and a glass of milk before I go to bed. I know, I know, I will have to brush my teeth again, but typed so much tonight I worked up an appetite! Will write again tomorrow!

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