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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 5

Well, I am not use to having to do this and I have a habit of rambling on when I talk in person so if I keep going and going on something donít worry itís not you itís me and that just how I am. Oh by the way my name is Elf SnowBearCub. I am sure Santa has talked about me, why I know he has, Santa is just soooo awesome like that, he is so kind and caring and loves to talk about the elves in his life. This year Santa has me working in the toy shop!!! I love it!!! It is so much easier to do than working in that taffy shop last year, man was that a chore, taffy all day long, cherry taffy, apple taffy, lemon taffy, pumpkin taffy (not my idea on that fiasco). The worst day there was the day I got taffy all on Santa but alas he is a person that has a good sense of humor but I also think that is why I am in the toyshop now, he he.

Anywho, if you canít tell Iím a little younger than most of the other elves around here, I mean compared to them I am like um 17 years old in human years but anyways, itís pretty cool up hereÖliterally. It is freezing everynight. I mean you would figure with this much magic in one place that they could whip up some sort of sauna or spa, or at least you think they would, but nooooo! Itís bad enough there isnít even a mall up here. I mean, yes I am an elf and all but canít I go to the mall every now and again? Geesh, and what is up with not having a Starbucks? I mean like, really. Well it is what it is I guess, what can an elf do? I mean I have asked, begged pleaded, bribed, bargained and bartered for a few things us younger elves would like. Itís not like I am asking for much, just some fun. Oh well I guess I better stop rambling on.

Well the Elite Team that is out on the search thing for Santa, well they hit the Outter Banks of North Carolina about an hour ago and well they have not found the big guy yet but they said that they did find in the beach at Kitty Hawk, awe, the beach, I want to go to the beach, it would be so nice to put my toes in some sand for a change, to have some warmth that isnít created by a fire, but anyways they found this bell you see and traced it back to being one of the new ones put on the reins of the reindeer. So they know for a fact that Santa made it to the Outter Banks so the question now is where did he go from there? According to the flight path he was suppose to be taking he was to head towards Bermuda, oh man another beachy area. So they still have this doohickey thing that can track Santaís magic dust trail and they are on hot pursuit, so donít worry, these elves are the best at what they do. Santa is in good hands and will be home safe soon.

Well I guess this is the end of my time on the journal. This was kind of cool, being able to hang and chill out like the big man and talk to all you cool little guys and gals out there. Keep being good for the man in red and eat your vegetables and listen to your parents and do your homework and chores and (trying to sound like Santa here ut not working for me) and well, just keep being you and I am sure that will be good enough!! Good night and take care, maybe they will let me write again!! Laters!!!

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holly holly and candycane bar holly


















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