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Saturday, May 26, 2018  |  213 Days Until Christmas
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December 4

Hello all you children out there. This is Elf Erty. I was asked by Elf Jingles to write in Santa’s journal today and give an update. Well just to let you know a little about me I currently work and co-operate “The Old Bakery and Baked Goods Shop” up here at the NorthPole. I co-operate the Bakery with my dear (and older than me hee hee!) friend Elf Grey. I have been working with Santa for, well, almost as long as he has been Santa (that’s a pretty long time). When I first started I was a report elf for many, many children. I would start with a child from birth until their 18th birthday, then be assigned to another child. I did that for many a child. I liked doing that, I get to watch a child grow up and see all the good they have inside them. Eventually I asked to be reassigned to the NorthPole to be closer to my friends. I have worked almost every position at the NorthPole. In fact I was Santa’s right hand Elf before I semi-retired and Jingles took over in my position. Instead of leading a quiet life Grey and I opened a bakery and well, here I am. I make a delicious snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookie, or at least I am told.

Things up here at the NorthPole are quieter than normal, but we elves are still trying to make the best of the current situation. We all still do our jobs and pitch in where we can and when we can. It was a little funny earlier, the Chief Mechanic Elf Sharati was called from the sleigh shop to go to the lights department to help string lights. Well she ended up putting so many lights in one place that when we turned it on tonight it was like a strobe light piercing through the night sky. I could have bet that you would have been able to see it in Australia. Mrs. Claus is holding up well. She makes sure she leaves the front porch light on for Santa for when he comes home. Us elves have started having a candle light service every night. We gather around the Christmas tree at the center of town and hold hands and sing.

Well, this morning, the Elite Elves left with Rudolph, Blitzen and Dasher. They are suppose to be following the exact same path Santa was taking but without knowing what happened, or where it happened. They have a lot of area to cover. I want you all to know that they took all the possible items they would need to rescue Santa and the Reindeer in any situation. They are well prepared and determined to find Santa. When they called in to report tonight they stated that they have covered the entire Yukon and there was no sign of Santa or the reindeer. The elite team stated that they used an infa-red type of location system to scan the Yukon but they had it specifically redesigned to pick up on the magic dust trail that Santa leaves as his sleigh flies through the air and they reported that they picked up on a trail leading out of the Yukon and heading out to the Atlantic Ocean to Santa’s next area, the Outter Banks of North Carolina in the USA. So, they said that is the area they were going to head towards next. The team stated that they will be combing an area of 100 square miles towards the Outter Banks and should be there by tomorrow night.

Well my sweet ums, it’s time for me to head on back to the bakery and help Grey out before she starts throwing snowballs at me. I wish you all a fair night and the sweetest dreams you can think of. And don’t you worry none, Santa is going to be fine and home before you know it. Good night!

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