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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 4

It’s always a good thing to wake to the person that you care about most. For me that would be Mrs. Claus. When I wake from a good deep slumber to her glowing face I know that the day is going to be just fine, BUT when you wake to JINGLES IN YOUR FACE all you can do is jump and fall out of the bed!!!! After I got up off the floor I had to turn to jingles and ask why he was in my room! Jingles replied in a very fast and frantic tone “ Santa, oh Santa thank goodness you woke up, we have to go, we have an emergency, come on, lets go, Santa we need you”!!!! I had to tell Jingles to slow down and first tell me what the matter was. Jingles took in a deep breath and I stopped him. “Now Jingles speak slowly, and not all in that one huge breathe you just took”. Jingles exhaled and said “The present wrapping plant is shut down! We can not wrap any presents”! I asked why was it shut down I didn’t give that order! Jingles stated that a group of penguins decided to make their way in and started tearing the place up!!! I told Jingles that I would handle this situation and to have an emergency crew of elves ready to go for clean up so the plant workers can get back to wrapping all the gifts that are being held up. Jingles jumped right out of his shoes and exclaimed “I am on it Santa” and he was off in a flash!

I got dressed and had to brush my teeth (that’s very important, you should brush at least twice a day for strong teeth) and went straight away to the wrapping plant. When I opened the door it was all a mess. Wrapping paper and bows everywhere, and the penguins were using the conveyer belts as slides!!! I stood and watched for a little while until this one little penguin came up to me and said “ Hey, you, big man, how about getting us some fish to munch on, were hungry”!! I asked the little penguin “is this why you are in my wrapping paper plant”? The little penguin looked me straight in the eye and said “NO, we wanted a place to play, now were hungry, can you get on that fish or not”? I looked down at him and all I could do is shake my head thinking to myself I have 20 days until I leave and this had to happen. I thought about it for a minute and said “if you had somewhere to play near the water to catch your own fish, would you go”? The little penguin turned and chattered to the other penguins. They chattered back and he turned to me and said “yeah, sure why not”. I said come with me, all of you. As we started to exit I called to Jingles “get this cleaned up and running again, would you please”? Jingles replied “Aye, Aye Santa”!

We walked to the great water of the Artic Ocean and I said now please all of you stand back. I took out a little red velvet pouch and opened it and inside was sparkling dust, I took just a pinch out and closed the bag. I walked out about 20 paces and sprinkled the dust on the ground and walked back. The ground shook heavily and the ice rose and twisted, and rolled and formed into a playground of ice. I looked at the little penguin and said “this is my gift to you and your family and friends”. The little penguins jumped for joy and ran up to me and thanked me, giving me high flippers!

Then all at once like a roar you heard “THANK YOU SANTA!!!!”. It was so loud it almost shook me out of my boots! I replied “you are very welcome, but next time, come ask me and not take over one of my plants. They are very important especially at this time of year”. “YES SANTA” was all you could hear. I then stated it is time for me to go, I have things to do at the workshop today and I still have yet to have breakfast!!!

I went home and got breakfast and spent the day tinkering in the workshop. By the time the day had ended I was ready for a good slumber. Hopefully when I wake it won’t be to Jingles again!! Goodnight!

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