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Thursday, May 24, 2018  |  215 Days Until Christmas
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December 4

I will tell you one thing - I am ready to get to bed tonight! I don’t recall ever having such a busy day of traveling between towns. Elf Pol Eece was over at the Doc’s this morning getting the results from yesterdays tests. Elf Dok Tehr has found some sort of sleeping ailment. Right now she isn’t sure if it is an air borne virus or something that is part of their food. It’s truthfully a mystery at the moment. So the moment I arrived at the Doc’s, they both thought it would be a great idea to go get some samples of both the air and foods at each towns stables. So off we went returning a little bit after 1pm. After some more testing and a bite to eat, the Doc still had nothing that could help us solve the mysterious sleep.

So off we went again, but this time we took samples from the food troughs, some samples of the crumbs that are always spilled while chewing and talking. We also made a big sweep of the Christmas Town Stables taking samples of any plants we found in case there was some strange vegetation mutation. We didn’t finish until nearly 7:30pm and I only arrived home shortly after 9. Doc is still awake and running numerous tests on all the samples we brought back. Hopefully he will find something.

The shops are all up and running as smooth as a lake of Zambonied ice. Bags are being filled by the by and the sleigh is starting to look like a sleigh now! So aside from this mystery sleep situation, things are moving along beautifully in preparation for the 24th! Can you believe it! Only 20 days left! WooHoo and a Ho!Ho!Ho!

Going to get started with the story now so I can get my jolly ol’ sole into bed soon! So, uhm, let me see. Ah yes, we were right here -

(Mistyberg Cont)

The discussion had gone on with such intensity not a single cub had noticed the arrival of another creature on the near distant shore. A big white hulking shape sitting down with its front paws crossed in front of him.
“RUN!” Shouted Cora as she turned and fled back toward the water.
“What’s wrong?” Asked Cody who had joined his sister in the scramble across the rocks to the water.
“POLAR BEAR!” Cora shouted again “They eat seals!”
That was all the information any of them needed as they scrambled across the jagged edges ignoring all pain now. Survival was the greatest instinct of all and being eaten was not something any wished to happen to them. Preslie was glad Coras’ mom had spent some time teaching her daughter some valuable lessons. Her mom had been loving and kind and the two of them enjoyed chats and jokes and playing, but she had forgotten any life lessons she had been taught. Now, once again, Cora had them ‘in the know’ and quite possibly made a difference in saving them all.
“Wait! Where are you all going?” A voice boomed from behind them.
Chancing a look behind them, Jean saw the polar bear easily closing the distance. In mere moments, the polar bear had caught up to the retreating group and passed them. He slowed to a walk and then stopped right in front of them. The cubs all slid a last few inches before looking around in a panic and heading off in different directions.
“Wait! What is wrong with you seals? Are you lost?” the polar bear asked.
“You just want to eat us!” Cody accused as he was trying to turn himself around to go back from where they just were.
“Eat you? Not today.” Chuckled the polar bear. “I just ate so much over the other side of this little island that I don’t think I will need to eat again until next year.”
The seals all slowed down slightly. Was it possible he was telling the truth and they would all live? Survival is important in the wilderness and being smart and distrustful added longevity to that very thing. But, as it happens, their mess was also influenced by need. A need to find a safer place for the seven of them to live. Regardless of their individual reasonings for slowing down, all but Cora did. As each turned and saw the polar bear had plopped back down and resumed his sitting, they all stopped; even Cora who finally noticed she was the only one still scrambling away.
“So why are you all trying to cross land? You are seals. Seals swim and sleep on ice flows.” The polar bear stated.
(to be cont)

Now, I am going to go brush my teeth again and get in bed real fast and fall asleep before you can even count to 2 billion!! Have a wonderful evening, day and morning (depending on what time you are reading this)

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