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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 3

Today was a good day at the North Pole! It was a brisk 14 degrees Fahrenheit, cloudy and calm winds. I started my day out today talking with Jessica about how I thought it would be a good day to take the reindeer out for a test flight. Jessica told me that “ That would be a splendid idea for today , as soon as you finish the list of chores that need tending to”. “Hmph!, if you say so dear”. So I took a look at my list that had been made and I fell out of my chair!!! My Gosh, My Golly it will take me all of the day to complete these chores!! I had to tend to the shoveling of the walk, I had to find the burned out bulb in this haystack of light strings(which between you and me I still don’t think I got the right bulb, But It Works Now!! HO! HO! HO!), Then Jessica had me re-haying the reindeer stalls…I mean by gosh sakes it took me until 3pm to finish everything, but I got it done. So after a nice little warm up in front of the computer answering emails from boys and girls around the world, we had a delicious dinner. Jessica made a special dish from Mexico. They are called enchiladas and boy were they deeelicious!!! Jessica likes to learn to cook food from all the different countries I visit, but anyways… So there we were, beautiful evening upon us, the reindeer all saddled up ready to go. Now the question was where?

Well, the team and I decided to head to the UK and surrounding areas. So I climbed aboard the sleigh and WOOOOSSSHHHHH!!!!!! Away we went! The reason I decided there was because Jessica was looking for a good fish ad chips recipe to try out along with a great mince pie! YUMMY! I love minced meat pie! It is one of my favorite dishes. So we flew and man did the reindeer go!! I think my eyebrows almost blew right off of my face!!! We started by circling around Big Ben then I wanted to go back to see Liverpool. I landed the sleigh quietly in a park and took disguise and hit the streets. I found this little restaurant called The Office. They had some very good food especially the potato and leek soup! I talked to the chef there and he gave me a recipe for fish and chips and minced meat pie!! He is definitely on the good list this year! Ho, Ho, Ho!!

After a nice bowl of soup we took off again. We flew by Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower, then spun around Loch Ness and watched the reflection off the water. I think we even saw Nessie! Then over the Emerald Isle. We flew over Dublin then around the Ring Of Kerry then up by Belfast and then on our way home! The whole trip(including the time for soup and chit chat) took about 1 hour. Not too bad, but we need to make some better time. I am sure that there are going to be many test flight in the up coming days. So keep your eyes peeled to the sky! You never know you just might see ..something!!!

Well, it is time to turn in. I told the elves and Jessica that we would watch the movie “Up”, tonight and have some popcorn, cookies and hot chocolate!! Have a wonderful night and rest peacefully and dream of sugarplums dancing a jig!! Ho, Ho, Ho!!!! Goodnight!!!

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holly holly and candycane bar holly


















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