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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 3

I hope everyone had a pleasant day. I think I would say my day was more interesting than pleasant. RD Cupid (RD is Reindeer, we use that up here because sometimes human, elf and reindeer have the same names) was pounding on my door this morning before I had my slippers on! I stumbled as fast as I could down the steps to find out what the fuss was all about and Cupid nearly ran me over while talking up a storm about sleep,

To make a several hour discussion short, there seems to be something odd going on with the reindeer. Cupid was telling me that over the last several days nearly all the reindeer are gaining weight and sleeping far too much for this time of year. Normally as winter deepens and the temperatures are colder the reindeer are more active here.

So, being the concerned Santa that I am, I got the Missus to fix me a big thermos of cocoa and went down to investigate the situation. Sure enough there were sleeping reindeer all over the place! Yes, I do realize that reindeer need their sleep like any other living creature, but the stables at Christmas Town seemed to be full of chubby sleeping friends. I tried waking a few up and they each begrudgingly opened their eyes and snorted at me. I sent Elf Dok Tehr down to check things out and then to go check on the stables at Chocolake Estates and Mistyberg. She is running some tests blood tests hoping to find the cause for the problem. She hopes to have the problem resolved in a day or two at most. The Christmas Town stables house the main reindeer team along with Rudolph. It would not be such a good thing to have to leave in three weeks with a whole new team! I think this has shown me there is a problem in my thinking. Maybe I should allow at least one or two new team members per year.

For now, we will see how things go before getting too carried away. Let’s start our evening story telling. Try to get our minds off the not so good situation. Ready? Wait! I need to get my glasses. Ah here they are. Ok. Let us get started then.

(Mistyberg Chap 5)

Curt wasn’t scared of much so far in his short life. He got past the pain of the rocks digging into him and found it foolish to back track instead of fighting forward. The thought of having to endure not only the pain of going back across the same stretch of rock seemed less worrisome to him than the thought of not getting the help they obviously were going to need against the things Rasth called humans and their ship.
“I agree with Curt,” Jean added moving closer to him. For her, it was more the dread of having to cross the same path that had caused so much pain already. She was sure it could only get better.
“Maybe we should take a vote,” Preslie stated. “All those wanting to turn back and find a different route say ‘ME!’”
Cora, Cody and Rayne all were in favor of heading back to the sea and swimming to an easier spot, or at least find a safer place to rest before moving on. Besides, there wasn’t any sight of the white ship anywhere. They may already be so far away that they were already safe.
Jean, Amalie, Curt and Kenzy were all in favor of continuing on which left only two votes left. Preslie who had yet to vote and Thew who did not really care either way as long as food was in the short term plan in either direction. Preslies’ vote went to heading back to the water and trying their luck further along the shore.
“So it is up to you Thew,” Curt said.
“I just don’t care what we do as long as I get to eat soon.” Thew replied with a shrug.
“You have to pick one or the other,” Cora said “We can’t do both.”
The seven discussed the importance of going back to the water and argued about the reasons to continue forward. The discussion lasted such a long time that Thew finally had a decision that broke the tie.
“Well now I am hungry. So I say we go back to the water because I know fish are definitely in the water.”
(to be cont)

Well my friends, another wonderful way to end a wonderful but eventful day. Everyone enjoying the story so far? I hope so. For now though, it is bed time for me and most everyone else here at the North Pole. Hoping to get a good start tomorrow!

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