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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
holly holly and candycane bar holly

December 23

After a short nap after completing the naughty and nice list yesterday or this morning. I went to my office and called Jingles in. About 5 minutes after calling him Jingles arrived in a cloud of snow. “Jingles reporting for duty Santa sir!” said Jingles. “Now calm down Jingles, it is 7 in the morning, I want you to call each and every elf to their job. We have achieved production projection, all presents have been wrapped and the sleigh is being filled. We need to get the shops cleaned up and complete the filling of the bag, load the bag on the sleigh and have the sleigh and the reindeer gear on the runway for take off at midnight. I would like this all completed, which I am sure it can be by 1 pm. Then all elves are to meet in the center of town, got it?” I said to Jingles. “Yes Santa, but what is going on? Is everything ok?” Jingles asked. I simply replied “yes Jingles, all is well.” “Ok Santa you’re the boss.” And away Jingles went. Now I have to get my stuff completed.

We are only hours away now until I take off in the sleigh. I laid out my clothes for the flight. I then reviewed the flight route with the reindeer and told them to be at the town center at 1 pm as well. Then I went back to my office and finished the last of the letters and emails. After I was completed with my final details I went down stairs and took Mrs. Claus by the hand and said “Come now Jessica, we have something to go do.” “Umm, Ok Santa.” Said Jessica and we walked to the town center.

When we arrived Jingles ran up to me and said “All elves and reindeer present and accounted for Santa!” Thank you Jingles.” I replied. I then spoke to my elves and reindeer, “Thank you all for coming here today. I wanted to say thank you for all the hard work that you have don’t this year and every year thus far. You are very appreciated not just by me but the children of the world. So, what I have here is for you to say thank you and to have a chance for us all to visit and enjoy one another’s company.” I then opened my magic bag and took a handful of magic dust out and threw it into the air. It spiraled all around the elves and reindeer. Then in an instant the magic dust “poofed” and made a table large enough to go all the way around the Christmas tree in the town center. On this table was a feast of food and hot chocolate with delicious baked goodies and 1 present for each and every elf and reindeer. I then said “this is for you all, please sit enjoy and eat! Merry Christmas my friends!”. As I finished speaking Christmas music started playing and all the elves started to engage each other and eat and drink. As they all gathered, I snuck away to go to bed. I have 10 hours until I have to leave. They will have fun and enjoy themselves. They have earned this break! And now time for a daytime slumber so I can be fresh and ready to go at midnight. I slept until 10 at night. I woke all refreshed and ready to go. I looked at my night stand and saw a card. I opened the card and it read “Thank you Santa, thank you. Love, all of us!” That was very nice of them. Well time to get moving and out to the runway, time is ticking!! Only a couple of hours until take off!!!

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holly holly and candycane bar holly


















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