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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
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December 23

What a wonderful, wonderful, splendid, exceptional, happy day this was! Goodness me! The shops had completed all their final touch-ups yesterday evening. They all worked hard and didn’t even break for dinner until they had the last pin stripe painted and last piece of tape placed on the boxes. And you know what that means? YES! We are all ready for the launch on the 24th at 8:20 pm North Pole time.

Now that should be excitement enough, but this year we did so well that the Elf Elders decided to have a parade. Nothing big like some of the Christmas parades that are held around the world of course because we just don’t have time to build floats and we never really know exactly when we will be finished working so it is important to keep things in proper perspective.

But a parade we had that was as fun as any other parade! Mrs Claus and I were the only two seated because everyone else, reindeer and elves alike, were going to be in the parade! Mistyberg, being the newest of the towns, was first in the line-up. The elves from the factories led the way waving the town banner high followed by dozens of reindeer from the area that were born since 2000. Followed closely by the elves that maintain the grounds and libraries and stores who were then followed by all the reindeer that were left. Behind them came the shop leaders and the town elders. Directly behind the elders marched the 10 reindeer crew that had helped guide me twice this year. They took their place on the field singing Mistyberg’s township song while the parade continued with the seals all sliding down the central boulevard in a formation of 4 aflipper. As the seals all slid into position, Chocolake Estates began their entry into the town center. They had lined up with a row of reindeer then a row of elves and alternated until at last the town Leaders and town Elders arrived. As the team of reindeer entered that had helped guide me the other two trips this year arrived, the Chocolake Estates township song was sung amidst whistles and stamping hooves and clapping hands.

Now, it was time for one of the two most anticipated moments of our year. Christmas Town’s populace began their entry. Elves rode the reindeer in. They were followed by the elves with no reindeer to ride who all had mini Christmas Town flags and were waving them excitedly. Directly behind them came the town Leaders and town Elders doing a can-can dance. And now it is time. The moment I had been waiting for! So far the parade had lasted more than four hours and the skies had become dark. The town street lights had been on for more than 45 minutes, but now the whole town went dark. Silence fell across the central park. Then, off in the distance you could hear it. The synchronized steps of reindeer. A single red light appeared from around the corner. Rudolph’s nose. Then the lights of the reindeers harness could be seen and the bells jingling could be heard amidst the march. And then, there it appeared. Just as beautiful as could be. Lit up in all its beauty. The Christmas sleigh. The silence broke into ear busting applause and stamping of appreciation for another wonderfully done Christmas Sleigh.

I know I can hardly wait to get in and take off! Some day I hope to have an updated website that will allow me to show you pictures of the sleigh each year. Wouldn’t that just be awesome!

Time for some much needed rest. Need all I can get because tomorrow begins the journey! I will be leaving a bit early but there should be something in there for tomorrow.

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