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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
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December 21

Santa's new suit is ready! I went to the shop today and Micky had me do a final fitting. It fits perfectly. I didn't take it home I came straight to the workshop and changed into my work clothes. I'll take it home with me later.

I had a lot of emails backed up so I took today to sit at the computer to answer them. Over the course this year I have come across letters had I have laughed at till I cried. And some that touched my heart so deeply that I cried. I would like to share two letters that I picked out. These are only examples of the letters that came from all around the world. They aren't better then the rest. They are just Santa's choice for examples.

This first one is from 3 year old Joshua B.

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas! It's me, Joshua B.! I call myself that now becsue I have two new friends at school in teh big boy gym named Joshua O. & Joshua D.. 'Boy, oh boy' do we keep Ms. Susan busy! I recently sang in teh annual Christmas concert, and Mommy & Daddy said I was a perfect little gentleman. I sang all my words loud and clear! We sand 'J-E-S-U-S', and "Mary had a Baby, a Baby, a Baby, One Glorious Night'. I love to sing in teh bathtub too. I practiced when Mommy was bathing me.

I've been a very good little boy this year, because Mommy & Daddy said you're watching me! I can even pee now standing up, just like my Daddy! I understand you don't watch me then though. You should see me swim like a fishy. I had ten swimming lessons this fall in the GREAT BID recreation centre pool with my Mommy, Auntie Angela, and wee cousin John. The pool was greezy cold just like Jack Frost. Can Frosty the Snowman swim?

I really hope that you can find my Grandpa & Grandma's house this Christmas Eve, Because that's where my blue racing car bed is temporarily. We sold our house again, and guess what? We're building a new one! I'm going to live in Grimsby!

Some of my favourite things to play with are Transformers, trains, Spiderman, and of course hockey sticks! 'Go Leafs Go'! I like watching all my cartoons like "Scobby Doo' & 'George Shrinks' in my Mommy & Daddy's bed on Saturday mornings too. My new special video is 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas', and they say I would watch it 24/7 if they'd let me. I'm not quite sure what that means?

Have a Happy Holiday jelly belly! You have a big tummy just like my Grandpa, and it jiggles like a bowl of Jell-o!

Love your little Buddy,

Joshua B. XO

This next letter if from 13 year old Katie

Dear Santa,
Hi, now I kinda have a propblem. Well since all my friends stopped believing in you I am stuck. You see I actually saw you in the sky when I was young and remember it like it was yesterday. Now I just want to know the truth about you and if you were ar are real. Thank you so much and please bless all the solders in war right now. Thank you and i love you Katie.

I hope these 2 examples touched you as they have touched me.

If you would like to see my answers to these (and many more) letters, please visit my Mailbag link!

Till tomorrow

Santa's Signature

Santa at Computer

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