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Saturday, May 26, 2018  |  213 Days Until Christmas
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December 20

Well the flight plan is all in order now. So many new homes to visit this year. HO!HO!HO! I would be inclined to say that there was a small baby boom this year. I wish all the new parents out there in the world a big congratulations on their new bundle(s) of joy(s). It is going to be extra special to see so many babies this year!
Well today we had our sleigh inspection. Chief mechanic Elf Sharati was there to display and go over all the points and new reinforcements that were added. Then I had Elf Zippy harness the team up. That is always a sight to see in itself. The reindeer are so majestic when they stand tall in line. They are very proud animals and some of my best friends. We have been through many, many years together(Just ask Elf Erty). Well, Zippy got the team harnessed in and I got in the sleigh. “On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer, On Vixen, On Comet, On Cupid , On Donner , On Blitzen” and through the air we flew. I thought I would go for a little flight and see how Greenland was doing, maybe did down into China and over the Great Wall and into Russia. It was a nice little flight to get “our feet wet”. The team flew magnificently, just as if it was their first trip. It felt exhilarating feeling the wind on my face. I love flying, I love it so much! Well, we made our little trip without any problems. The sleigh felt sturdy and wow were the reindeer in good shape! HO!HO!HO! I think they made record time! I may even have to slow them down a little! But all in all it was a good trip.
After we returned I talked with Jingles and made sure that the weather forecast so far was promising. Jingles stated that so far everything looks good for the big night but we will no more in a few days. I told Jingles that would be excellent! I then decided to go ahead and order my Christmas Eve cookies from Elf Erty and Elf Grey. Only one dozen of their best! That’s all I will need until I get to the first home. HO!HO!HO! I tell you this, flying really makes a Santa hungry! SO everything was in place so far. The reindeer are ready to go, the sleigh is perfect and the elves are continuously making toys! Those elves will make toys up until the last minute if they have to. They are such wonderful workers.
I was finally back in my office and I was looking in on some children from Paris, France when I heard a knock on my door. I replied to the knock with a “come in”. It was Cycle, from the Ice Giants. We talked for a little while and smiled and laughed and both of us were happy to our agreement! I stated that I would tell the elves the news tomorrow and we would get things settled in.
I know you are wanting to know what me and Cycle talked about but it is going to have to wait until tomorrow. I need to answer some letters and I need to go have dinner with Mrs. Claus. Good night my darlings and sleep tight. 4 more days until the big night!!! I am so excited!!

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holly holly and candycane bar holly


















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