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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
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December 20

The last bags for the storage facilities are loaded up and tonight I will be making the last pre-Christmas run with the team from Mistyberg. I was a bit tired today. I stayed awake long into the night thinking about all the possibilities that this ‘grouchy fellow’ brings to the table this year. There is not a lot we can do at present about anything and certainly the big day is so close we must be cautious without using up too much energy. The security detail tripled the patrolling personnel for Christmas Town, added a security detail by all three town stables to keep a close eye on the food supplies. Nothing more can be done until after the season. Hopefully at that time I can go out and find this grouchy fellow and make him a smiling fellow!

I wont say a lot today because I do need to get some sleep for the last jaunt tonight. After tonight, the next time I leave it will be to come visit all the girls and boys around the world! Time is getting close! I can hardly wait until I get to see some decorations!

(Mistyberg continued)
“Ho! Ho! Ho! A voice broke through the thickening mist. “Are you here Ven Chure?”
“Yes! Over here Santa!” Ven called out.
And through the mist came a shiny red light guiding the newcomers towards the ice bergs shore line.
Startled, the cubs watched as a huge sleigh with a human passed over head with 9 reindeer pulling it. The sleigh circled the ice berg twice before landing a short ways away from the group. Through the mist the cubs watched as a big man in a red suit with white trim walked up to them.
“Well, I guess now is a good time to welcome you all to your new home. I think Mistyberg is a very fitting name. So I dub this ice berg ‘Mistyberg’, the third town of the North Pole!”
The reindeer and Elves all cheered, applauded and stamped their hooves. But the seals tried to be excited, but it was still too soon for happiness. They had a new home. But they would have given it up to have Rayne and Harley back again. They tried to smile to show appreciation and thankfulness.

I guess now I can continue the story as myself since this is the part of the journey that I had joined the group. I think Mistyberg was the perfect name although I was not entirely sure why it had suddenly formed a thick mist about the berg at the time. It was fortunate Rudolph was with me that afternoon.
Anyways, I could tell they were all exhausted. Cora and Cody had already fallen asleep. Amalie was pretending she was listening but I could see her eyes nearly closed as her head rested on Thew’s back. Curtis, had already turned over to his side and was not even going to pretend he was trying to stay awake. Preslie’s head was bobbing up and down as she fought sleeping and I knew I had best get on back. After all, it was nearly Christmas and I still had a few letters to write and things to check on.
“I’ll be heading on now. It is getting late and there is plenty of work to be done.” I said to Preslie. “If it is ok, the elves and reindeer will stay here for a day or two to make sure you all get settled in.”
“Thank you,” Preslie said with a smile.
(to be continued)

So now the story is coming to a close! Hope this finds everyone has had an exciting Christmas holiday! The big day is coming very soon. VERY SOON! G’night!

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