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Thursday, May 24, 2018  |  215 Days Until Christmas
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December 2

We had our departmental head meeting this morning. It seems we are going to be needing a new town hall office in a few years! With the human population getting so big and new toy making shops opening each year, it is taking more elves to run the factories than we have seats at the Tree Table. The Tree Table was created back around 1684. It took two years for it to be completely built so it really depends on what you consider as created. 1683 the plans were drawn up (the idea came from a traveling elf that had actually seen Camelot and sat at King Arthurs’ round table). The elf said it would be beneficial if there was a table where everyone could be equal with each of the others.

She suggested maybe we could build a table that resembled a Christmas tree and sit at it as ornaments that brighten the tree! So the engineers designed the typical Christmas tree design that allowed everyone to sit like an ornament dangling from a tree! I of course sit as the star at the top of the tree. But the star is still an ornament. So I am just like everyone else and we talk about all the things needing to be fixed, new ideas for new items and even what food we want for lunch!

A light snow fell today. Just enough to cover a few birdy feet prints. There is just something about going out and watching a snow fall that never seems to get too old. As many years as I have been watching the snow fall from the skies, I still almost always go out side to watch it or watch from the warmth of the shop through a window.

I reckon now is as good a time as any to get back to the story telling. So let me see, where did I last leave off? Ah yeah!

(Mistyberg cont)

After another days swim they reached the rocky shores that Rasth said was the last part of their swim and would now require land and snow crossing. They all pulled themselves up onto the uncomfortable rocks. Sliding across the snow and gliding through the water was easy, but trying to cross these rocks was going to be difficult.
Jagged rocks dug into their bodies leaving scrapes and scratches and small cuts as they painfully pulled themselves further onto the rocky shore. After half a day of pulling and sliding and crying out as new scrapes and scratches inflicted themselves onto the cubs stomachs and chests, Rayne called everyone to a stop.
“I am already hungry again. I am tired. I am sore. We must rest before we move on.” He said as he slumped down onto the hard rocks.
“I think we should go back to the water and find snow to cross on.” Amalie said knowing that anything would be better than keeping on this path. They had spent hours moving forward and the water was just a short ways behind them. So close in fact that if they had been on snow, they could reach the water in less than half a hour.
“I think we should keep moving forward,” Curt said. “We have already made it this far and Rasth said the way to the North Pole was follow this path. If we turn around, we may never find a better path and have to do this all over again.”
(to be cont)

Sorry the story was so short today. My feet are hooting at me and my nose is itching. So am going to go wash my nose with my feet. No, I mean I am going to go wash my feet with my nose. NOOO!! I mean I am going to go wash my nose and put my feet into a nice warm bed to get the blood circulating again! HoHoHo, off to bed I go!

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