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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
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December 19

Just when you think Christmas will never get here, suddenly you realize there are only FIVE more days of waiting left! All day every day elves are boxing, bagging, painting, coloring, waxing, sanding, welding and most any other action imaginable to get everything finished up! I for one can barely sit down long enough to answer letters! But as you all know, I am answering as many as I can each day so that you know I do appreciate all your kind words and support!

As luck would have it I managed to fit into this years Santa suit Jessica sewed for me. On the first try to boot! Normally I fatten up nice and hearty to prepare for the long journey ahead. Some day I will have to explain why I fatten up because lots of e-mails are a bit concerned about my health, but have no fear everyone, there is a reasoning to my methods here at the North Pole! (And if you ask Mrs. Claus that is about the only reasoning I ever have because she thinks I act just a bit to forgetful sometimes!).

Hmm. Forgot what I was going to remember to say tonight. Ah well. Maybe I’ll remember it later after the story. So let’s get right to the story and I’ll hopefully remember what I was going to say by then.

(Mistyberg cont)

Then suddenly the ride was over and there in front of them was a large ice berg that had broken away from the land but was still easily accessible with a short jump. It was huge by normal ice berg standards. A shelf easily allowed a seal to enter and exit the water nearly three quarters of the entire bottom. At least five thousand seals could leave peacefully here.
“The fishing is excellent here.” Stated Ven Us elves come here sometimes to do some fishing during the summer holidays. The lake is so big a pod of whales once lived here long ago. But what happened to them no one knows. One summer they were swimming around and the next they were all gone.”

The group made their way to the ice berg. The reindeer and elves leaping across and taking various paths down, the seal cubs diving into the water and swimming onto the icy beach.
“This is your new home if you want it,” Ven said stretching his arms wide and turning side to side. “Free from direct site of the waterways and lots of room to swim, eat and play. And not so far away that Harley cant come visit if he is of a mind to.”
This last statement made all the cubs stop. In the excitement of the moment, they had forgotten about the sacrifice Harley and Rayne had made so that they could get here.
“I miss them both,” Amalie said as a tear came to her eye.
“I miss Rayne most of all,” Preslie stated as tears fell from her cheeks.
The group of seals gathered together, flipper on flipper and cried together at the loss of their friends. As the warm tears dropped onto the cold ice, steam rose around them. They cried so long and so much at having lost two such loving companions that no more than twenty minutes had gone by than the whole ice berg was surrounded by a misty steam.
The mist spread across the entire area of the lake and filled the entire basin with a foggy mist that was hard to see through.
(to be cont)

OH! That’s right! Now I remember. I was going to tell you that a passing polar bear had spotted a grouchy fellow yesterday while he was plodding along home. The bear said there was some sort of igloo with some strange lights that looked a bit much like the Aurora Borealis sneaking out the door. Later he had spotted another igloo that was abandoned recently and had some strange writings on the walls and some maps that marked trails to Christmas Town. I think tomorrow we need to have a meeting and discuss the issue. Something smells a bit fishy here and it isn’t just the polar bears breath!

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