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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 18

Today we were battered down inside for the most of the day. A sudden storm off of the Artic Ocean blew in and it was massive. When you opened the door you couldn’t see anything at all, just snow. It was blowing so hard that it actually looked like 1 giant sheet of snow and not individual snowflakes. What could we do? We had to stay bunkered in our homes until this storm passed by us. So, I closed the door and went to add logs to the fireplace.

I went to the fireplace stoked the fire a little bit and turned to grab a log, but there were none there to grab. The fire I had stoked was at its near end and we had none to put into the fireplace. This was not good, not good at all!! In the house there was Mrs. Claus, about 50 elves that stayed from last night’s little make shift party and myself. I can not let them go cold. It is -30F outside. We would surely freeze. I know that about 100 steps straight ahead outside the front door was the wood pile. If I could make it there and back with a load of logs we would be alright for a few hours at least, so I would have to make a couple of trips so the fire would out last the storm.

I went up stairs to where I keep all of my suits and donned the Heaviest, warmest one I could find and headed to the front door. Mrs. Claus asked me not to go out in the storm but I knew I had to for everybody at the house. I promised Mrs. Claus I would be back. I went and dredged through the thigh high snow. The minutes I had been out there already felt like hours and the warmest of my suits is starting to give in to the wind and snow. Using the strength of knowing people depended on me I eventually made it to the wood pile. I rested for a second and grabbed an armful of logs and headed back. What I though may have been several hours in the storm was actually only 1. I made it back to the house and into the fireplace the logs went.

I told Jessica that I had to make one more trip later. Jessica stated that she thought it would be a bad idea that the storm is supposed to stay over night and into tomorrow. I said that we were defiantly going to need more wood then. “ I will rest then go back before night gets here” I said to Jessica. “Please Santa, we will make it just fine” said Jessica. “We will not, we need to stay warm”. I told Jessica.

I waited until almost dusk and headed back out! The storm had worsened and it was tougher to get out. The cold melted right through my clothing and I could feel the coldness. I could also feel myself slip into sleep. If I loose conscious I will be in big trouble, but it is so hard to focus. I dropped to my knees. I c..c..can..can’t take much m..mmore! My eyes are starting to blur and all I can see is this faint red, fading light….. Too far away!

I must have fallen asleep, I said when I woke warm in my bed. “What a dream” I said out loud. “ that wasn’t a dream Santa” Said Rudolph. “RUDOLPH”!!!, “What are doing here?, What happened?” I asked. You tried to get logs for the fire because of the storm and you passed out from the cold” said Rudolph. “The red light, that was you, wasn’t it Rudolph?” I said. “Rudolph replied “Yes Santa and I wasn’t alone”! I said “who was with you” ? Rudolph then told me to bundle up under the blankets and then opened the window. The room filled with freezing air and all of a sudden I heard “ Happy Birthday!”. I looked over my blanket and there stood my old friend Frosty the Snowman!!!!

Frosty said “ I know you have questions, but you need to rest Santa. We will talk in the morning”! I didn’t know what to say except “ Goodnight and than you my friends”!

Goodnight to all!! 5 Day’s to go

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