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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
holly holly and candycane bar holly

December 18

I guess the first thing to make mention of today is last nights trip was another resounding success! Yes indeed, only one more to go and then we’ll be gearing up for the BIG ONE!

Second thing to mention is today was a half day as expected! Sure enough Elf Gaim Boi was right there with a list of rules for tELFon / tELFoff. Many people are familiar with Teflon, the no stick covering for many variety of items including cooking pots and pans. Today the candy factories were up along with the repair shops for each town. As per the rules 15 elves would be partnered with 15 reindeer from their home stables to start the tELFon part of the competition. Each elf would have to get on a Teflon coated disk and hold onto the handles. The disk would then be pulled by his/her reindeer partner along a course consisting of - three straight-a-ways; two winding paths with obstacles off to the side; three ramps to send the disk airborne over obstacles (one of which was a group of children pools filled with circulating water to keep them from freezing over); and a five foot wide three foot raised final dash across the finish line. This part of the course could be done by a reindeer alone in a little over 3 minutes. Pulling an elf behind with perfect balancing could be accomplished in about 5 minutes. But with the twists and turns and ramps, this would probably take at least 7 minutes IF the elf stayed on. If the elf falls off, they will be awarded points for each section of the course they finished. The town with the most points after everyone runs the course will be in the lead. So, the object of part one – the Elf On.

Second part is obviously the opposite. Each elf is partnered with a random pick of reindeer from the other two towns. The object is then the same for the elves, they need to try to stay on. The object for the reindeer is the opposite, they must try to run the course in such a way as to throw off the elf. Once again points are awarded as to how far the elf managed to go hanging on, but also points are awarded for how fast the reindeer finished each section. That is to ensure the reindeer are trying to run the course instead of trying to run in circles.

The competition ran into the evening and it was fortunate the bakery cooked up a big pile of breadsticks and pizza to keep us fed. Elf Baykar Duz Ehn did a wonderful job once again. I think we need more half days of work!

Ok, on to the story. Such an exciting day it will do me good to wind down a bit with a good tale.

(Mistyberg cont)
“Ahoy and seasons greetings,” a voice called out to them.
“Sounds friendly enough to me,” Curt whispered. “Maybe this is the help Harley said was on its way.”
“Well until we know for sure I think we should remain in ready to fight.” Thew said.
“Are you the seal cubs we were sent to help? I am an elf and these are reindeer. Harley said to meet you all here and take you to a safe place so that you can live peacefully away from the human hunters.” The elf stated looking over the terrified but stern faces of the cubs.
“Yes, Harley brought us here.” Preslie said moving a bit away from the group. “Harley and Rayne went to take the ship away from us.”
The Elf walked over to one of the reindeer and said something to one of the reindeer animals. He turned around with a big smile as the reindeer sped off across the snow in the direction the elves had come.
“Well come right this way. We have a wonderful place that will be perfect for all of you! I am known as Ven Chure. Elf Ven Ture to be precise, but we can dispense with the formalities of proper names and you can call me Ven.” Ven stated
Everyone introduced themselves and with the tale of the journey being told, the group began the slow process of moving across the ice.
“Seems you are all a bit tired. Perhaps we can fix up some faster means of transportation.
The reindeer separated into a line as the Elf known as Elf B. Pree Payrd reached into a sack and started mixing up something in a bowl. A bit of this, a pinch of that, a sprinkling of some sort, then he arose and walked behind each reindeer and sprinkled a two foot length behind each of the dust concoction. Suddenly all the elves started singing “Sleigh bells ringing, jing jing jingling” over and over again.
Looking at each other, the seals were starting to get a bit worried. Were their new friends all needing some nap time? Then, right before their eyes, the dust began to change shape. Growing taller, wider and becoming solid.
“Goodness.” Said Cody truly impressed by what he was seeing.
Within three minutes, there were six small sleighs. One for each of the cubs. Another elf had produced some rope from his pack and tied parts of the rope to the sled and made a harness for each reindeer that would be pulling the sleigh.
“Climb on,” Ven said “We’ll give you a ride. It will be so much faster.”
And true enough, it was very fast, but most of all, for a seal cub it was also a lot of fun! The long and dangerous journey was all but forgotten as they laughed and enjoyed their new mode of traveling.
(to be cont)

Elves to the rescue once again! Good thing it wasn’t pirates! But there are no pirates here at the North Pole. To cold for them. They would run around and shiver not shimber! Ho!Ho!Ho! and off to bed I go!

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