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Tuesday, June 19, 2018  |  189 Days Until Christmas
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December 17

Well the whole town is back in order and things are running smoothly again. With any luck nothing else will go wrong this year! Today I met with the chief mechanic Elf Sharati and she unveiled to me my new sled! As she took the tarp off of the sled I stood in amazement, I just could not believe my own eyes! Sharati made me an exact replica of my old sleigh or at least I thought she did. I asked her about it and Sharati told me that she had borrowed Blitzen and they had retraced my test flight and found all the pieces to my old sleigh, brought them back here to the NorthPole and she fixed each and every piece to make it look brand new and better than ever!! I was so happy to see that sleigh back here I teared up and thanked Sharati so much for the work that she had done. Sharati turned to me and said “Santa this sleigh in never going to fall apart again, I have fully restored and reinforced it.” I gave Sharati a huge hug and told her that I can not wait to take flight with it.
I then made my way back to my workshop and completed the second and final check of the naughty and nice list and I have to tell you there are going to be a lot of presents going out to the children of the world this year! I think this may be a record year for delivery! I do not recall a year where there have been so many good boys and girls on the list! It just makes my heart warm and fuzzy knowing that! After I checked the list for the second time I made my way to see Elf Zippy. I came to the reindeer stalls and there she was all out of breath. I had to ask if everything was alright and Zippy said to me : Yes, Santa, everything is fine, just working out with the reindeer. I can not teach them if I am not willing to work just as hard as they are.” I then said, “ that is very noble of you Zippy, now who do we have lined up for the run this year?” Zippy looked at me and said “ well Santa, you can’t go wrong using the original team!” So there we have it, the original team! If you know the song “you know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen, and as well Rudolph leading the way!” I told Zippy that was an excellent choice and told her not to over do the work outs and make sure they are well rested for the 24th and she said she would make sure they were well rested.
I graciously made my way back to the main house where Mrs. Claus was making dinner. I could smell the aroma of a wonderful stew being made! On the way home I noticed our new found friends the Ice Giants making ice slides in the middle of town for the elflings to play on and that they had gone and brought there children here to Christmas Town to play with the elflings. It was such a wonderful sight to see. I am so glad that situation worked out for the best. In fact I think I may have an idea that I might talk to the former Ice Captain about tomorrow! Yes, I think I will!
Well my Darling’s it is time for me to work on into the night. There is still so much to finish before the big night and everyone here is working really really hard! So I will say goodnight to all you dalring children and may the sweetest dreams reach you tonight! Good night!
Only 7 days to go!!!

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