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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
holly holly and candycane bar holly

December 17

Tis the season to be jolly so “Ho!Ho!Ho!” I am as jolly as can be tonight! Actually it is early evening but I will try to grab a quick nap before we leave tonight. So much to do tomorrow I don’t want to be sleeping half the day away! Well, okay, I should be honest about why I want a nap. As you know this year we have been doing very well on keeping up with the whole of our jobs that we are actually once again ahead of schedule! And do you know what that means? That’s right! Another half day of picnicing fun! I am so excited to see what Gaim has come up with for tomorrow!

A development in the Sleep Mystery! A few penguins were wandering by on the outskirts of town. It seems they were on a tundra safari studying ice flows, ice packs and ice caves when they happened upon our town. RD JoJo was on patrol, spotted them and raised the alarm (she was not sure if these birds were the culprits of the sleep problem so she felt it best to call in some support). To make a somewhat long story somewhat short, we sat around eating some fish and discussed what they had seen so far on their trip. It seems they had spotted a half dozen reindeer and a very grouchy fellow several hours before coming across Christmas Town. They had tried to hail the group but the grouchy fellow started throwing snowballs at them. So instead of putting up with rude manners they simply went the long way around the small group of reindeer and the one grouchy fellow. So I am thinking if someone is that grouchy, it could be someone that could cause a bit of mischief. After all, we all remember the Abominable Snowman, Grinch and a few other not so Christmas friendly times! So we will keep that on our minds and keep our patrols roaming until after we leave on the 24th.

Now I best get to the story so I can try to nap before the night sets in!

(Mistyberg continued)

Fifteen minutes later the ship was on a course to intercept him. Harley turned to swim to the icy shores he had just left an hour ago hoping the ship would turn with him. But the ship remained on course. Slowing his pace, Harley was now only hoping to reach the shore. He had done the best he could for his new friends and now fate was all that remained.
“Never leave your friend until the very end,” a voice behind him said. “At least that is what I always say!”
Turning Harley saw a big grin on Rayne’s face.
“I told you to swim the other way.” Harley stated, too tired to put any anger into his voice.
“I know. But I have never listened well to instructions.” Rayne said swimming up alongside of Harley. “But we need to make that ship turn or the others wont make it.”
“We need to get their attention some how. Maybe if you start jumping and I will pretend I am chasing you.” Harley said.
“Is that what you always say?” Rayne asked hoping to get at least a smile from his exhausted friend.
“Yes, I always say that.” Harley smiled watching as Rayne swam out ahead and started diving and then leaping into the air.
The ship changed course a few minutes into the mock chase.

Chapter 8

The cubs all climbed up onto the shore and plopped down. It had been the longest swim of their journey so far and all of them were too exhausted to make another move. They could see the ship in the far distance now moving slightly away from their location. Whatever Rayne and Harley had planned, worked. There was a sadness amongst the group and at a moment like this, they wanted to take time to remember their brave friends who sacrificed themselves so that they could be saved.
And, as this journey had proven time and time again, safety was just an illusion. Already voices could be heard and tiny black specks appeared on the horizon growing larger by the second.
“We have to get out of here,” Cora said.
“There is no time and I don’t think any of us has the energy to swim any further right now.” Preslie stated trying to think of what to do.
“We must fight,” Kenzy stated.
And so it was decided. Cora, Cody, Kenzy, Amalie, Thew, Curt and Preslie moved closer together to make their final stand.
“Ahoy and seasons greetings,” a voice called out to them.
(to be cont)

Well now. Ahoy indeed! A term used by sailors on the seas! And by land lubbers! I myself am perfectly content on land and at sea and most certainly in the air! I have even flown on a plane once or twice. A very fun experience! Alas me matey tis time to shimber me timbers. Or at least slither into a nice warm bed! Will write again tomorrow!

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