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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
holly holly and candycane bar holly

December 16

RD Pahz, who has been heading up the reindeer watch crew and has done a wonderful job. At least to our thinking he has. It has been several days now without further incident, and it is thanks to the extra work the reindeer are putting in under RD Pahz’s command! And, you know what!? Only NINE days until Christmas!

Snow and snow and lots and lots more snow! Snow in the morning, snow in the afternoon and snow this evening. It is almost like living at the North Pole it is snowing so much. But, yes, I guess since I do live here at the North Pole snow is to be expected (Chuckle, chuckle). But the most wonderful thing about snow is making things out of snow! Can make snow people (since elves are like little people they just make smaller snow people). The basic snow person we make here is very similar to the ones made around the world. We do have some unique things we use for faces and for fun. Elves like using elf hats instead of Santa hats or top hats like Frosty has. Most times instead of putting sticks out as arms, the elves kind of add a bit bigger middle section so it looks like shoulders then they can gently etch away some of the snow to make it appear as if arms are resting against the body. When they do that they can make it look like the snow person is holding most anything like a broom, a hockey stick, a snow shovel and once someone made it look like the snowman was cutting the snow with a push mower. Very comical indeed! Over the years they have made some creative snow peoples. Some snow ski, some on water skis, one holding a basketball.

But I think the more interesting ones are the ones that some clever elves mix a huge batch of colored water and bring it almost to freezing then lightly cover the snowman until it starts turning whatever the color they mixed up! And nothing shows the diversity of the world than a varied snowman color scheme!

Tomorrow night I will be heading out with the sleigh team from Chocolake Estates again for the next to last warehouse delivery runs. I will most likely go again on the 20th for the final run before the BIG DAY! The main team is looking better and better! I have no worries at all that the reindeer will all be up to speed long before the 24th. Donner and Blitzen have assured me they are ready to go tonight if things were ready. So that is encouraging!

Everybody washed their faces and behind their ears? Teeth all brushed and jammies on? No? Ok. I will wait for you to get back so we can get started on tonights episode of Mistyberg…. *singing* I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, Only a hippopotamus will do, don’t want a doll, no dinky tinker toy, I want….*stopped singing* Ah there you are. Ok excellent. Let’s get this story underway!!

(Mistyberg cont)
“What do we do?” Cody asked swimming up next to Harley.
“We keep going. It is too late to turn back” Harley stated and redoubled his efforts to get across. Just yesterday he had swum this exact path and had been exhausted enough to sleep nearly from sundown until nearly noon on the day he got back to the cubs. Now, he had to put more effort and only hope he could make it.
The thrumming steadily increased and with each passing minute drew closer and closer.
“Don’t wait for me,” Harley shouted. “Swim like crazy. I will make it. Stay near the surface and do not jump. Make yourselves as hard to see as possible. Spread out. Heads only above water enough to breathe.”
“We are not going to leave you,” Rayne said darting under the water to swim up beside Harley.
“Go Rayne. No time to discuss this.”
“I wont leave you. We can all make it.” Rayne persisted.
“Come on everyone,” Preslie called out “Let’s help Harley.”
“I TOLD YOU ALL TO GET GOING,” Harley yelled causing all the cubs to stop and look at him. “I will bite anyone that comes near me. I have always said ‘a seal is a good meal’.”
For emphasis Harley snapped at Rayne who managed to get away easily. Harley growled and bared his large sharp teeth lunging back and forth at the cubs.
“I see a boat,” Cora exclaimed pointing behind them where indeed the bow of a ship was becoming visible.
All the cubs turned to look.
“SWIM!” Harley shouted and then reminded them “Keep your heads low in the water!” Turning around, Harley began swimming towards the shores where the ships midsection now could be seen. He could buy them more time to reach safety if he could distract the ship.

Goodness. Seems those ships keep appearing everywhere! Just thinking about all that swimming they are doing is making me tired! Time for me to jump in the bed and slumber! Goodnight to all!

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