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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 16

We had a marvelous time today! I offered the Elves a choice, have 3 separate parties and continue working the other 2 shifts, or, close the Workshop for 1 day for one large party. They voted for 1 large party, the day off didn’t hurt either.

Everyone was there with their families. I got to see Tiggy’s new granddaughter, Natalie, and, of course, Mrs. Claus got to hold her. She is so cute! Shane, Natalie’s Mommy was there and the 3 of them talked and talked babies.

We had just about everything you could mention to eat and the drinks were great. There was, eggnog, hot cider, milk, soda and of course hot cocoa. We sang Christmas songs all day long. Some Elves went sledding with their little ones, some went skiing. Starlight came with Jennifer, Stefanie and Victoria. The girls were making snow angles with Trixy and several other girls there. I saw Snowy, with her nephew Slappy and his 2 boys. Justin and Dylan were trying to make a snowman when Brianna, Jerramie and Chase decided to help them. All of a sudden, we heard the loud noise followed by screams as a giant snowball rolled down Ice Cream Hill devouring anyone in its path! When it finally came to a rest against 2 benches all you could see was snow, feet, snow, feet, hooves, feet all over the ball. Perched up on the top were 5 pairs of little legs. In the middle of this gigantic snowball, as if by design sat (or should I say stood) pretty as could be were Mrs. Claus’s legs, naked in all their glory, wiggling and pumping as if they were going anywhere. *wink and chuckle, chuckle and wink*

I sent Dancer, who would have returned to work today, to get the Christmas Town rescue squad. When they arrived, Hugs and Snowball made a big fire and rescued each Elf, Elfin and reindeer as they came out of the snow.

At first Mrs. Claus was mad at me for laughing at her, but soon she brought me my cocoa and laughed with me.

It was indeed a fantastic day!

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holly holly and candycane bar holly


















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