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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 15

I woke this dawn with knowing that there are only 9 days left until the big trip. I told Bells I would take the sleigh for another run to make sure I get all the kinks worked out and so that I feel totally comfortable in it but I also need to stay here and catch up on my reports, the naughty and nice list and assign elves to the children that have been born in the last year to watch over them and send me back reports on the child they are assigned to about there behavior. Just then I heard a “ahem, Santa”? I turn to see my inventive elf, Elf Dak standing there. “Yes Dak, what can I do for you”? I said. “Well Santa I may be able to help you. I just need you to bring copies, not the originals(just in case) of the naughty and nice list as well as the elves and children to assign to my lab”. Dak softly said. “Ok Dak, I will be right over”, I said. Dak replied “Ok Santa”, and off she went.

I gathered up copies and headed over to Dak’s lab. Dak was inside in a white lab coat with a clip board in hand reading over computer screens. Without even turning Dak said “Hi Santa, please have a seat, be with you in a moment”. “Ok Dak” I replied. Dak looked at a few more screens and then turned and stated to me “Santa I have developed some programs that may help. First lets start with the elf assignment. This area here, acts like a big computer scanner. You feed it in and it reads and copies the children’s information. Then we add the elf information. Now the computer has all the information right”? said Dak, I replied “Right I guess”. “ Ok, now we tell the computer to calculate and assign. It should match each elf and their traits and persona to a child on the list you brought” , Dak stated. “ Ok Dak, go for it”! I said Dak then said “computer, assign please!”. The room started to make a buzzing sound and lights went on and off, there were beeping and booping noises and as fast as it started it ended and out came a list. We looked over the list and I stated “ Dak, I thrive in your genius but this is not going to work. As you can see things are all mixed up. You can’t send Sprinkles to Alaska. Sprinkles does not like the cold. Hence why she works in the hot chocolate factory now. Then you have Elf PeeWee going to Japan. PeeWee does not like sushi. You have a great idea and it can work, you just need to work out the bugs. We can always keep trying my dear. Do not give up!” “Ok Santa, I am sorry that it didn’t work this time but I will get it working soon, I promise!” “I know you will my dear Dak”!

I headed back to the office and sat down at my desk and started to work on elf assignments. Laughing to myself I thought “It would be funny to see Sprinkles in Alaska!” and then I started reviewing the births and locations and matching elves to children. By the time I got done with that chore it was time for dinner and then on to the list for updates. As the updates came in and the list was completed I felt good. No children crossed over to the naughty list and thankfully we had some go to the nice list. More presents to deliver, that’s what I like to hear!! HO,HO,HO, well it is time for bed.

Goodnight to all!! 8 Day’s to go!!

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holly holly and candycane bar holly


















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