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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
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December 15

Ok. Ok. Ok! That is the LAST time I am flying two nights back to back. I went to bed early last night and still slept in until nearly 1 o’clock p.m.! Can you believe that! I had never really realized how much energy it takes out of me. I think my adrenaline the first night and on Christmas Eve’s makes it less obvious to me. But now I am well rested once again (I hope chuckle chuckle).

The Christmas Town stables have had absolutely no further Sleep Mystery problems! The sleigh team is already hard at work exercising and getting their strength up. I wanted to ride over to Chocolake Estates today to see how things are going, but obviously I awoke a bit late to go do that. So maybe tomorrow I will be eating my breakfast on the ride over there! I know I have many letters to get to responding to. I hope if I am a little late on a few of your letters you will forgive me. While things are going so smooth here, there are still items of interest that I have to take care of. But I assure you, the letters are a top priority!

Mrs. Claus is busy at work on this years coat. I don’t know why she always wants to make me a new coat each year. I rarely change much from year to year and when I do I am sure a previous years coat would fit just fine. Sometimes things become traditions I guess. And I am thinking that this is one of her seasonal traditions and I will respect that and just keep a big smile on my face as she pokes and prods at me with pins during the measuring!

Let me read last nights’ journal entry so I can get a better feel for where we left off and then we’ll start on tonight’s edition. If you are all ready for the story, I know I sure am Ho!Ho!Ho!

(Mistyberg cont)

“It’s Harley!” the distant squeal of Amalie’s voice was heard saying.
Thew opened his eyes watching the rapidly approaching group. Amalie soon had distanced herself in her excitement at seeing Harley again. Preslie was not far behind her. Preslie may not have been as fast as Amalie, but Harley made her feel safe in this big world and knowing he was back was a welcome relief.
The reunion was thus far the happiest moment in their journey. A journey that was not over and would not be over until they found somewhere safe that provided food, shelter and peace of mind.
“We must get to some water to find food and then keep going.” Rayne stated. He did not want to break up the happy moment but they had a goal.

They found their food and after a short rest to let their bellies settle, they set off with Harley leading the way. Harley may not have been the fastest of swimmers, but he was steady. The swim across an unusually large body of water was necessary, at least according to Harley’s promise of meeting up with their would be rescuers.
“We just need to get across here.” Harley kept saying. “Let the water current help us swim. As I always say ‘let the least amount of effort give way to most amount of result”.
“Are you sure you always say that?” Asked Amalie.
But there was no joking to be done today. At least not while they were so vulnerable in open seas. Jokes could always be enjoyed once they reached the shorelines. Steady and methodical. That was today’s key words.
They had covered more than half the distance to the far off shore. Another half hour of swimming and they would be looking for their would be rescuers. The seal cubs could feel the excitement of a long journeys end approaching. Yes, of course there were a few concerns, but they had grown to trust Harley in a short period of time and if he said help was going to be found, then it would be.
But it wasn’t to be so easy. Thrumming suddenly filled the air. The group turned in all directions looking for the source. There was no ship in sight yet and being in the water, the sound seemed to be coming from all directions, echoing off the banks of the ice flows.
“What do we do?” Cody asked swimming up next to Harley.
(to be cont)

Another great evening of telling of my day and continuing with the story has come and gone and now the time has come to sleep!

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