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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 14

Hello my darlings. As of right now everything is back on track and Christmas Town is back in business! Last night “The List” was finished with Mick’s help again (and yet not one naughty child on the list HO! HO! HO!) I was able to get some letters out and had a nice evening thinking about Vernon. Today I went to see her and we sat for a while and I told her she was going to leave the North Pole, not as a punishment but as an assignment for as long as she wishes to have it. I told her that from now until SHE decides, she will be around children that need her and the impact that she can make, that I am doing something that I have never done before. I am assigning her to a school, a special school for children that need lots of love, a school named Kingsbury Academy in Ocala, Florida. That way she will always be around children. Elf Vernon began to cry so I told her “you better pack your shorts and sunscreen, Dasher is ready to take you there now.” Vernon jumped up, kissed me on the cheek and said “thank you Santa, thank you for not giving up and for still believing in me.” and away she went. Dasher took her home while I took Mick home. On the way home, I thanked Mick for his unconditional love for Christmas and for all that he did for us at the North Pole. I gave Mick a small version of my snow globe so that he could check in with us whenever he wanted to and say hi. I also joked and told him that if I ever fell ill he would have to play Santa for me. Mick replied “Are you feeling OK? I can do this year for you and next if needed and the year after that!” HO! HO! HO! What a character. We landed on his roof in New York and I thanked him again. Mick smiled and said “Have a nice day Santa!” then in he went and home I flew.

So here I am, about to write letters to you wonderful children with a sigh of relief. Thank you Mick Foley, you saved Christmas this year! Goodnight my darlings, 11 days! It is getting close.

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