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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 14

Hello my darling’s! I must tell you about my day, our day I should say. I have never been more proud of my elves as I was today. Well let me tell you what happened. After I sent the elves out on their mission, I gathered some of the reindeer together and formed a cavalry. I placed elves with marshmallow shooters on them with a sack of marshmallows for ammunition. Then I went and had a talk with my friend Frosty the Snowman and got his help with the situation. I then went to my shop and made some special designs of my own. We needed something that would make the Ice Pirates give up without hurting them. So, whatever I come up with has to be enough to make them think that they are in trouble and on the naughty list!!!
Well about an hour before morning light it was time to get in place. The elves were in there place but now it was time to lure the Ice Pirates out, along with the Captain himself. I had to ask one of my youngest elves to take the lead in this. We needed an elf the Ice Pirates would think was vulnerable, we needed Elf SnowBearCub. I asked her if she would position herself in the middle of town and make a little noise to draw the Ice Pirates out. SnowBearCub said with a gulp “yes Santa, I will”. I then watched as SnowBearCub used her elf magic to sneak her way to the fallen tree in the middle of town, there she started to make sounds of a hurt elf. “oohh, ow ow ow” SnoawBear Cub said. All of a sudden an Ice Pirate that was near by yelled out “Cap’n, Cap’n we found another one for ya” From the Ice Ship you could here the ice door slam open and the Captain reply “ hold that Scallywag in place, I will come get that little runt myself. At that point I knew it was time.
As the Captain started down the boarding plank I turned the lights to Christmas Town on and the Ice Pirates stopped in their tracks and the Captain yelled out “what might this be?” and as he took another step Elf Tersa and Elf PeeWee pulled real hard on some tinsel and made it go tight. As they did that the Ice Captain fell forward and landed on the ground. At that moment I launched the Cavalry. Out came Elf Hugs, Elf Cindasnow and Elf JingleBella armed with Marshmallow shooters. They came out riding Dasher, Prancer and Comet flying through the air the marshmallows were flying. The were hitting the Ice Pirates everywhere gooing the Ice Pirates up in there steps. Frosty then appeared and snowballs went zipping through the air blinding the Ice Pirates as they tried to walk out. Elf Zippy was able to get the other reindeer to where the Ice Captain lay and harnessed him up to be walked over to where I stood. There in my hands I held Elf Sharati’s light mishap and turned in on and said to the Ice Captain “ now you watch the light” and as I shined the light on the ground the snow melted from underneath it. I then said to the Ice Pirate “set my elves free Captain, please.” In a remarkable turn of events, the Ice Pirate started to cry icicles and said “ release the wee little ones maties, release them.” I looked down at the Captain and said to him “What is the matter Captain?” and he responded “we just wanted toys for our wee little ones.” I looked at the Captain and released him from his tinsel bindings and said “then toys you shall have, I just need a list.” The Captain looked at me said “ thank ye Santa, thank ye”. I then said to everyone, it is time to rest and tomorrow we rebuild and join our new friends! The elves all cheered as the once captured elves then embraced my legs! “Welcome home my children.”
So I say good night and sweet dreams my darling’s, tomorrow is a new and brighter day!! Goodnight!

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holly holly and candycane bar holly


















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