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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 14

I woke up this morning and got myself up and dressed and headed down to the huge conference hall downtown Christmas Town. Today on the calendar marks the day that we all come together to discuss productions, deadlines, problems as well as ideas, thoughts and anything else that may be on the minds of everyone. The only elves that will not be joining us will be those that have to stay back to man the production lines. We can not let everything come to a screeching stop! Ho,Ho, Ho! But not to worry, those elves left to man the production lines will be compensated with a day off tomorrow which also includes having breakfast with me!

Well I make it downtown and inside to the main table. I see my place setting right in the center of the table as always. Then to my right is Jessica, and then the chief’s of each of the different workshops, plants and factories are sitting to either side of me and Mrs. Claus. So we take out seat and the emcee elf for the day was at her Podium. Elf Tersa started the proceeding off with a quick slide show of last year!

After the slide show Tersa opened the microphone up to me. I walked up to the podium and I started with “ As you all know there are 10 day’s until I make the trip, which means there are only 9 day’s of production, wrapping and loading left. I was to first say that I am proud of each and every elf here today! Ho,Ho,Ho, you should give yourselves a round of applause”! At that moment the elves all started clapping! I noticed that out in the audience a couple of my more zealous elves were over excited! Elf Erty and Elf Toy Soldier were in the back jumping very high and doing back flips!!! Not too bad for a couple of 300 year old elves! HO,HO,HO!! I calmed them down and proceeded “You all have a lot to be proud of. So far this season we have had very minor problems and things have been going smoothly for the most part. We have had minor problems such as the penguins and the wrapping paper and yesterday with the candy cane machine but all ended well. So Now I will turn the program over to each Chief elf and then the floor when they are done”.

One by one each chief elf came up giving their reports and stating that all is on course and the goals are being met. At the end Elf Loopy came up and gave his calculations “ Ah , Santa, fellow elves as I can calculate I see production is up by 25 percent in most shops and that, ahem, excuse me, snowflake in my throat, that we are going to be right on schedule with about half a day to spare on the 23rd for last minute details, umm, thank you”. As soon as Loopy was done the whole conference room erupted in cheer and applause!!! I even think I saw Elf Sprinkles doing the moonwalk!! Even Grinch, whom stood way in the back, cracked a smile! I then got up again and took to the podium. “ Congratulations my friends and job well done!! I am so pleased to hear this news”. I am now going to open the floor to everyone else, Please feel free to come up and give your thoughts and ideas or even requests”.

As I sat back down elves came up and said their piece. One wanted an annual snowball fight day, another requested a “cookie of the day” program. Elf Jingle Jammers requested a “Polar Bear” club to run to the Artic Ocean and jump in. As you can understand Jingle Jammers was on his own with that! HO,HO,HO! There was a secret Christmas card program asked for(kind of like a secret Santa but cards instead of presents). Elf Clearbrook asked for vide chat in each of the shops to keep in touch with other elves!. After the elves line dissipated I got back up and said “These are all wonderful ideas and will be kept in mind, thank you for your time, and help and again great job my friends, you make me proud!! So, on that note it has gotten late, go get some dinner and go relax. HO!, HO!, HO! Thank you and goodnight”!!

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