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Thursday, May 24, 2018  |  215 Days Until Christmas
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December 14

Another successful warehouse stocking last night! Not as smooth as the previous night but certainly not because of lack of enthusiasm. Had to circle around one huge storm that was over the southern part of the Atlantic and over the Himalaya’s we hit some serious turbulence from a fierce wind that was whipping up a snow blizzard. Would have been great to have Rudolph with us, but I think I have come to rely far to much on poor Rudolph.

I know he doesn’t mind, but sometimes I get to thinking I am taking advantage of his uniqueness. I have learned it is not good to take someone for granted. Taking someone for granted is when someone always does something for you and pretty soon you get so use to them doing it you forget how nice it is that they are helping you. And we all know how Rudolph has helped me for over 50 years now. I don’t even ask anymore, I just always know he will be there. I think I will go let him know how much I appreciate what he does for me. I know I will feel a lot better if I thank him. If you think about it, tell your parents how much you appreciate everything they do for you! I certainly wish I had told mine that I was grateful. Even when I was on my own, there were always someone somewhere that was helping me stay dry during the rains!

Enough sentimental, let’s get to the story telling! I know, I know. I didn’t report much on today, but two nights of flight makes me an ol’ sleepy head. I will tell the tale then brush my teeth tonight. Going to bed with a wintery dance on my tongue tonight!

(Mistyberg cont)
On the fifth day after Harley had disappeared, he returned! The scouting cubs, Thew and Curtis, had just rounded a towering block of ice and slid straight into Harley.
“Harley!” Both the cubs shouted excitedly and scooted closer to the Polar bear.
“Harley?” Thew asked slapping him gently with a flipper. “Are you ok?”
“Huh? Wha.. Oh it’s you two. Finally. I thought maybe you cubs decided to stay back where I left you.”
“No we didn’t” Curtis said, “We have been making good time I think. Did you get us some help?”
“It just so happens I came across a few reindeer that were patrolling an area watching over Christmas Town. They said they could move faster and would go get some others to come help you all. And as I always say ‘faster is better when seeking help’! Wait! Actually I…”
“You don’t say that do you,” Thew and Curtis said in unison and started laughing. It had been the first time in a long while that laughing had filled the air.
And just as quickly as they had begun to laugh they stopped. In a strange land where seals had no business being, they could not afford to be too lax in mind or spirit.
“Where are the others?” Harley asked standing on his hind legs peering across the snow.
“They will catch up with us soon. We will wait here for them if you want. We have been sending scouting groups ahead to lessen the chance of being seen. Then when everyone catches up, two different scouts take the lead.”
“Then I will try to get some more sleep. I haven’t eaten in a few days and am getting tired way to fast.” Harley said as he lay back down.
“When we get to some water we will do some fishing for you,” Curtis stated. “I think we will rest here with you so that we will be ready to go when everyone catches up to us. And so the trio curled up to await the rest.
(to be cont)

Now it is time for me to see what the back of my eyelids look like when they are closed for several hours! I hope everyone enjoyed the story so far. I know I have enjoyed retelling it. Going to get some sleep now. Pleasant wishes and best of days!

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