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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 13

Hello my darlings! Have you ever been awake and thought you were dreaming? I tell you, being crystallized is just that. While crystallized you see everything, hear everything and right now I have to tell you what I saw and heard today. It had been almost 23 hours since I had been crystallized when Vernon showed up. She laughed a mean and naughty laugh. She came right up to me and said “it’s over Santa! Christmas will soon be no more.” Just as she finished saying that, I heard over the speakers that usually play Christmas music what sounded like a terrible car accident and then some loud music. I saw in front of me lights blinking and flashing and out of the distance came Mick! He was in a pair of sweat pants, a t-shirt and a red plaid shirt and he had Mr. Socko with him. As he approached I heard him say “You must be Vernon! Well let me introduce myself: I am THE Hardcore legend, THE hall of famer, the one and only Mick Foley, BANG BANG!” Vernon looked as if she did not know what to do. Then Mick spoke again “ya know Vernon, I have been told about all you have done and wow, has it been extreme, but I tell you this: I know a little about being extreme myself. I have been through a lot in my career as a professional wrestler but I have never been exposed to such atrocities, not even by the head honcho I worked for. I am here tonight to show you extreme but not as you have ever seen it before.” Vernon started to say “why you little...” when Mick cut her off and said “NO, YOU LISTEN TO ME! I know your story, I know why you’re upset and I can understand. It is hard to watch kids grow up, I know, I am a parent. But that doesn’t mean that the love is gone, it doesn’t mean you did not make an impact. I had NiteTime hook a projector to Santa’s snow globe and I want you to see something.”

A screen rose and an image of a young girl appeared, maybe 16 years old. She was telling her friends how, when she was little, she would sit under the Christmas tree looking up at the lights. Then there was another image, a young man holding a baby and he was singing “Away in the Manger” to the infant as he placed the baby in bed. When he stopped singing he said to the child “I don’t know why but that’s the song I heard in my sleep at this time of year, every year that I can remember.” Mick kept the images coming and coming. Finally at the end he looked at Vernon and said “Vernon, Elf Vernon, all of those boys, girls, adults and everything they said, sang and did was because of you. You planted those songs, thoughts and ideas in their minds. They stuck and they are still there. You did that! It doesn’t matter that they have grown up, look at me, I am old and I still love Christmas and do the things that I did as a child but now with my children. You made that impact, you planted those images in their minds that will last a lifetime. That, Elf Vernon, is YOUR legacy!” Mick paused and then looked at Vernon and said “Christmas is forever, the love you have given and devoted to these families, to these children, has been or will be passed on to their next generation. Meaning YOU are passed on to the next generation of believers. Please release Santa, help us get back Christmas before it is too late.” I watched Elf Vernon as she shrank in size, her ears uncurled and there was a twinkle with a tear in her eye as she dropped her staff. She said “I am so sorry. I stopped believing even though the children I have watched actually did not.” In a bright and brilliant light the black diamond turned white and I was freed from my imprisonment and everything that had been lost in the black hole was returned. I hugged Elf Vernon and said “don’t fret, there is nothing to be sorry for.” I then told all elves to call it a night and that we would start full swing tomorrow.

I now have letters to write, so I will say goodnight my darlings. Remember there are only 12 days until Christmas!

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