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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
holly holly and candycane bar holly

December 13

Well after the “Amazing Reindeer Race” yesterday I decided to let the reindeer have the day off. They can go wherever they want to and do whatever they want to. They have earned that!! I thought I had heard a couple of the reindeer say they were going to go to the Yukon in Canada for some peace and quiet. I figured they would have headed to somewhere like the Virgin Islands where it is warm for the day! Ho, Ho, Ho, none the less it is their day, they can enjoy it anyway they deem fit to.

Today is maintenance day at a couple of shops. I have to go into town today and work on the candy cane maker and then go down to the Teddy Bear factory and work on the stuffer. So, not too bad or at least that is what I though when I set out this morning, boy was I ever wrong.

I first made my way to the candy cane shop. We shut down the machine for the day but the elves were still in the shop making batches of the candy cane concoction to be able to start rolling as soon as I was done with the candy cane machine. Well there I am on my back looking up at the machine. The problem is the conveyer belt wasn’t moving and I had to find out why. So, there I was tooling around in there, when I reached my hand up and felt something wedged. “AH HA…I think I got it!” and pulled out a wedged candy cane mold. Now remember “AH HA…..I think I got it!” is what I said, somehow Elf SnoBearCub thought I said “AH HA ..Start it up!!” The problem with that is I had the machines tank open and SnoBearCub poured in a whole batch of liquid candy cane to be made. Instead of sitting in the tank, I got covered in this very sticky mess. SnoBearCub apologized over and over. I told her it was ok, you heard wrong, it was a mistake. So, I got as cleaned up as I could (thankfully I am wearing old clothes), and headed over to the Teddy Bear factory, what could go wrong there?

I get to the Teddy Bear factory and the elves are sitting around waiting for me so they can get back to work. I walk over to the machine and I see the elves had emptied it(good thing, I am still sticky) and I look around and see such a simple solution. The stuffing hose was clogged. So all I do is reach in and pull out the stuffing. Ho, Ho, Ho, some even stuck to my still sticky hand. The elves cheered and thanked me and as I was getting ready to go an elf came running by with a load of Bears to stuff and bumped into me. Well, that one little bump, bumped me right into a bin full of stuffing! I was covered and it wasn’t coming off due to still being sticky from the liquid candy cane. I got up, shook my head and said “I’m going home!” On the way home whenever an elf say me they took off running and screaming “It’s the Abominable Snowman!!” then a group of elves came up and started throwing snowballs at me until I was able to speak up and tell them I was Santa!

Well, I finally made it home, got a hot showered and had some dinner and cookies! I am going to check in on a few children and answer letters. Have a great night to all!!!

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holly holly and candycane bar holly


















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