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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
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December 13

What an amazing trip I had last night! The weather was definitely on the perfect side with very few air pockets even going over the highest of the mountain ranges. I know, it was last night and this is about today, but just felt a need to let anyone that was concerned that things went as good as one would hope!

Today, thanks to the exceptional night I had last night went practically as perfect as well. In fact the sleigh was reloaded and the Mistyberg back-up sleigh team is at the runway getting some rest and getting familiar with the route we will be taking. Yes! That is right! Going to go get the storehouses stacked up even better tonight! After tonight, everything will be right on track! It is looking to be an awesome Christmas for sure! I am excited!

The security team found no other signs of mischief after two full days of searching, so we suspect whatever the problem was is behind us now. Just the same, Pol said he wants to keep a good eye on the stables because at this time of the year, we can’t afford for things to take a bad turn. He deputized a few of the reindeer to take turns watching over things around the stables (another good idea I personally think).

Not much else to report tonight. Let me go get my teeth brushed and wash my face and hands then we’ll get on with the Mistyberg tale if you care to join us. Be right back.

(Mistyberg Chap 7)
Snow was still falling and the winds were getting stronger as the morning skies showed the first hint of a new day beginning. The group had made significant progress during the night’s swim only pausing twice long enough to warm themselves in a huddled mass. Rayne scouted ahead with Curtis keeping him company. The two talked about nothing in particular, but both could feel the tense undertones of each others voice. Yes, they were just making sure the path was clear and accessible for fast movement of the group, but both also realized that over even the smallest of hills there could be danger. Keeping their voices just a few decibels above a whisper, they moved as quietly as any seal possibly could.
Amalie was the first to set out, quickly followed by the rest of the group. The plan had been made that two would scout ahead while the main group rested. After the main group caught up with the scouts, two other seals would scout further ahead allowing the previous scouting party time to rest and the others to feed. Moving on land was slow and difficult for the seals, but knowing they had less chance of meeting a human away from the water made the decision to stay on this track more appealing.
The land began changing with each passing day. No longer were there grassy meadows or sharp rocked shoals to be found. No more tall pines with short underbrush could be seen. Now, it was all ice and snow. Occasionally small bushes peeked out from the frozen tundra and on more than one occasion they had come across some dug out snow with evidence of a grass eating animal having been around.
Each time they reached water, they stopped for a good meal and a good sleep, then awoke to feast again before continuing their journey. It had been four days since Harley had left to go find help. The group knew they couldn’t go much further. The top of the world was ahead of them and there was no way they could cross from this side and make it all the way across the whole ice cap. They would have to find a safe place soon.
(to be cont)

And so the beginning of the near ending begins in the story. Almost a bit like preparing for the beginning of Christmas only story will end sooner than I leave. At least I hope that is the case, but never know for sure. But with ten days before I leave, I am certain I will finish the tale many days before then! So do not worry one little bit! Sweet dreams and happy days!

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