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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 12

My goodness what a day I had! To all of those reading today's entry, let me tell you! It was scary, freaky, exciting and most certainly busy! Unfortunately very little work got done today because so many…. Well, let me tell the story first! I am sure some of you probably already know because you could… Yeah, on with the tale of the days events!

All things happen eventually and one could almost include the words – timely manner. Yet today is assuredly the one day – timely manner – fails to hold any merit at all!

It all started just before the break of dawn. I felt a sudden jerk and dizzy feeling bad enough it woke me from a sound sleep. Try as I may, I could not describe the feeling I was experiencing as this was a first for me. Rolling out of bed, my feet searched the darkness for my slippers. Sliding them on as I made my way towards the bedroom door, I could feel the deadly silence creep about the darkened room. I remember I was wishing Rudolph had spent the night because his nose would be handy about right now.

I got the door open and the night lights in the hallway helped me get my bearings, but only slightly easing the dizziness I was experiencing. With determination to get to the kitchen for a cool glass of water, I shuffled along not paying much attention to naught else but my direction.

It was not until I had opened the refrigerator door that I realized something was amiss! You see, I keep an extremely bright bulb in the refrigerator. Why an extremely bright bulb you ask? Why - late night snacks of course! A lot of late night snacks help keep me nice and round, and as we all know, a bit of roundness means a bit more warmth during that long and high speed flight coming up.

But, time to get back to the story. Yes, I opened the refrigerator door and no, the light did not illuminate the better half of the kitchen that makes nighttime snack creation easier. The light did not leave the doorway. Thinking quickly (no better way to think when you are in need of a nice glass of milk and a few bites) I grabbed some cauliflower and a small milk to enjoy while I pondered this new puzzle.

I do not know exactly how long I munched because I discovered yet another oddity! Both my watch and the kitchen clock had stopped at 4:12 in the morning! Oh my goodness! Dizzy, light not leaving its immediate area and stopped clocks?! What could this mean? Only one thing I could think of. Something was going on with Father Time.

The good thing about being me is I am unaffected by normal laws of science. Since this is a case of time standing still, I was able to latch up the reindeer, of course with a good bit of trouble since it was still dark and light at the moment was a bit useless. I had a bit of luck in the fact the moon is shining happily overhead and glittering across the fresh snow. The light might not move, and shadows might not form, but at least the light did not stop being there. It is not until I fasten the harness that the magic applies to the reindeer, so I had to pick them up and semi-drag them to the harness. End result? Everyone was hooked up and off we went to see what the problem was with Father Time.

I was greeted by Mother Nature and the Tooth Fairy. Both having fewer worries about transportation and apparently had come to the same conclusion as I. No doubt others would show up in due course if the situation was not resolved to lend a hand (or as in some cases like the Easter Bunny, a paw).

Father Time was laying flat on his back staring blankly into the sky. We tried shaking, gentle slaps, a small glass of water in the face and numerous other tricks hoping to wake him to discover what the problem was. All to no avail. Always being a gracious host, even if it is not my home, (ok, I admit it, I was hungry again) I decided to make us all a snack to help fuel our brains with some fresher ideas.

"What if we push him?" The Tooth Fairy asked. "Push him?" Mother Nature asked back while looking at me for help in responding to such an odd proposal. "Yes. When I fly, I have to get my wings flapping or I would never leave the ground. So I have to start my wings. Maybe we have to start Father Time moving again so time will continue moving forward," explained the Tooth Fairy. Well it is certainly hard to argue with that type of logic and if you couple that with lack of alternate solutions at the moment, I shrugged and said "Sure, let us give that a try."

To make a long story not so long, (if it is not already too long) it took the three of us and some serious tugging of the reindeer to just get Father Time to his feet. Then some good old fashion ingenuity to get his legs moving in a walking fashion.

In less than 10 steps Father Time was back to normal and the dizzy feeling went away! After a brief inquiry, we discovered Father Time had slipped and knocked his head against the kitchen table and simply passed out, stopping time at that very moment. Fortunately things are back to normal, but I am sure some of you may have woken this morning and felt that dizzy feeling for a brief moment as time resumed. Father Time sends his apologies and wants me to assure those reading this that he is getting bumper pads for his table when not in use so this can be avoided!

Well, I will fill you in tomorrow on anything else I can think of exciting that happened today. In the mean time, I need to get back to bed.

Did you know you use 200 muscles to take one step!

Hope everyone is doing well and getting all excited for the big day!! Goodbye for now!

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