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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
holly holly and candycane bar holly

December 11

Something about bacon, eggs and grits with a slice of strawberry jellied toast gets my day off better than most! I think even if a good breakfast wasn’t the most important meal of the day I would have to label it my favorite meal. I think it is a bit like going to fill up a car at a gas station every morning. I guess you can tell what I had for breakfast (chuckle, chuckle). I certainly enjoyed the meal and had a bit bigger bounce to my walk today.

What else happened today? Well, some leeway was made in the Sleep Mystery as it has been termed here. Elf Cahn Staybul smartly determined that the print they found had been walking in a south by south east direction, so they set up a verification program of some sort and managed to uncover another dozen tracks all leading away from the stables. They are still uncertain as to how the person gets to the stables as they have found absolutely no foot prints leading that direction. They all lead out! It seems this case has one mysterious event after another attached to it. Cahn recommended establishing a reindeer watch patrol around the stables. I think it is a good idea even though we really don’t have experience with this type of trouble inside our own towns. And what do we do if we actually catch the person(s)? We don’t really have a jail here. I guess we could figure something out.

Oh! Before I forget! Tomorrow evening after I write in the journal I will be using the team from Chocolake Estates to drop off some of the bags! I am a bit nervous about this because it is not exactly a well trained group and it does have a few moments of scary even with Rudolph and fellow reindeer. But I have confidence that we will be able to over come any obstacles in a right smart fashion! Remember – confidence is the first step to success!

So that pretty much sums up the day and now it is time to do a bit of story telling so that we can all get a good nights sleep!

(Mistyberg cont)
Off the group went to finish this part of their journey, enjoying a few fish as they scampered along the creeks path. By midday they had caught up with Thew who was snoring loudly behind a tree. With flippers flapping, the growing cubs worked their way the final distance of the island and were amazed at the new view before them. Across a very wide span of water lay nothing but snow. As far as the eye could see there were hills of snow, mounds of snow and towering mountains of snow. There were no blue waters dotted with ice packs or islands dotting the horizon. Only snow, white blinding snow.
“Do you think we can swim that far?” asked Cora looking at the large span of water separating them from the distant shore.
“I don’t know why we can’t swim that far,” said Curt. “We can float when we get a bit tired but we can’t play around. We must keep heading that direction.”
“I think we should eat first, then rest a short bit before we start.” Preslie said.
Rayne thought it over and asked everyone what they thought about eating, resting and then making the swim. Everyone agreed eating would be smart and the rest would be best before starting, but Kenzy reminded everyone that they were on open waters and that at any time another ship could approach and they would all be seen right away. They finally realized they had very few choices and had to count on luck as being the deciding factor in this part of their journey. They would need to eat. They would need to rest. They would need to swim and once on the other side they would need to rest again and when they awoke, would need another meal before continuing.
And so it was that they followed the plan Preslie had recommended and each had made the swim across with little problems at all. As lucky as their plan had been carried off so far, more luck arrived in the form of a small hidden cove behind a very low hill. But the snow hill was certainly tall enough for them to get some sleep without much worry on being discovered. Rayne recommended taking turns keeping watch over each other thru the sleep and volunteered to go first. Curt volunteered for second watch when Rayne grew tired and soon volunteered until it was obvious they could make everything work out if they stuck together and worked together.
(to be cont)

They sure did a lot of swimming those first few weeks didn’t they! Seems like ever part of the tale I recall is about them zipping along through the cold waters. And speaking of zipping along, it is time for me to zip up my jammies and zip along to bed! Hope this day finds you all feeling good and ready for another wonderful day.

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