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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
holly holly and candycane bar holly

December 11

I am sitting in the great dinning room loosening my belt (I am soooo full from a delicious fish fry). The ice fishing and fish fry were a BIG success!! Everyone helped clean up and have now left to get a good nights rest so they are ready to get back to making toys for all the good children on my list.

What a day, it was absolutely fantastic; I think we may make this a yearly event! Where do I start so many things happened, I guess I will just write what pops into my head 1st.

Upon arrival the elders were 1st off the sleigh and again they were organizing everyone, we had to get the tents and the shacks set up, heaters going, holes drilled.

Harbormaster George gave us a short but most important speech on safety, and once he was finished he announced “LET THE ICE FISHING BEGIN!”

Everyone was so cooperative and everything seemed to be running smoothly. I could see that all were enjoying themselves. We weren’t set up and fishing very long when suddenly I heard a scream coming from Sprinkles tent! Some of us came running over to see what was going on. Sprinkles was gazing down the ice fishing hole looking at her baited hook. She said that she was wondering if there were any fish about. Suddenly, to her surprise, a great big fish circled her bait, carefully viewing it. Sure enough the fish took the bait and Sprinkles had reeled in her 1st fish ever! When it came up out of the water and landed on the ice, it was flopping all over the place. Irishbear (Sprinkles husband) came to the rescue he removed the line from the huge fish and put it in the container where all the fish would be kept until we were ready to head for home. She apologized for screaming. I told her if I caught a fish that big I would scream with excitement too. I sure hope I do *Chuckle Chuckle*

I wandered back to my shack, but took the time to take in the glorious view, Chocolate Mountain off in the distance, elfrin running around making snow forts and such, smoke coming from the chimneys of all the tents and shacks scattered all over Reindeer Lake, and the Reindeer visiting their relatives, it was truly a sight to behold.

Poor Shimmering Snow was just a bit tired and groggy that morning, having not fully awakened yet, and I decided to pull up my jig (that's fishermen's talk I am told) to check it (as I had not had any bites yet), just as I pulled it through the hole, a large pike followed it, like a torpedo out of a tube, and scared the living daylights out of both of us. We came fully awake in a split second.

Mac and his dad Titan Rider, along with his brother NiteTime were told by George that his lake has some monstrous fish in it and we were going for them. After 4 hours of not a single bite spirits were starting to sag, then NiteTime hooked one. After a lengthy battle we got it to the hole. As he was lifting the fish out the line broke!!!! We all watched the fish fall straight back in the hole tail first. Titan Rider immediately shot his arm straight into the hole up to his shoulder, and to my amazement brought the fish back onto the ice. You should have heard all the cheers, it was truly an amazing sight! There was no way he was letting that fish get away. The funny thing was that the water was very very cold and now his arm was soaked. Luckily we had an extra jacket for him to wear. After that first fish we went on to catch about 20 that day, none of them were the monsters we were looking for but we all had a spectacular day nonetheless.

I bet you are asking what was my favorite part of the day….well I have so many great memories but everyone was really in awe when the 1st hole was drilled, then shoveled all the snow off the ice around the hole. We then laid down a bunch of spruce bows to lay on. Then we looked down the hole while covering our head with a thick blanket. We could see right to the bottom, it was amazing. There were fish all over. We would lower our lines and we could see them coming over to check it out!! I couldn't believe it! The best part was we got to see everyone of the bites! This is easily the best ice fishing I've ever done.

These are just a few of the things that happened. I know that we will still be talking about our ice fishing adventures for many years to come, like the one that got away, or my fish was the biggest! Most people who fish always have some great story to tell and I know that Old Santa, Mrs. Claus and our elves are no different, I’m sure come tomorrow morning everyone will still be talking about it, while getting presents ready for the big day!

The logs in the fireplace have turned to embers and it is starting to get chilly in here, I think that it’s time for me to turn out the lights and climb into bed, crawl under the warmth of the new quilt that Mrs. Claus made and dream of the fish that got away. HO! HO! HO!

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