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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 10

Hello my darlings. Well I can say it was not a very good night’s sleep. Have you ever tried to sleep on a bed of coral with a seaweed blanket? HO!HO!HO! Hopefully I will never have to do that again! Well today was a better day than yesterday was. Comet (who is still a guinea pig) set out to get things back to normal. We went back to the throne room and I called out for Crithos. “Crithos, you get out here right now, it is time to finish this matter once and for all.” As soon as I got done speaking a huge burst of blue smoke filled the room. When it cleared I saw Crithos floating in the middle of the throne room. “I am here you feeble old man, you should just give up. I have won, Christmas is gone forever and there is nothing you can do about it.” I spoke up and said “I have rubbed your lamp, you have to give me my promised wish!” Crithos replied “No Santa, I do not. You see Santa, my wishes are for regular people. Magical beings such as yourself, do not get wishes. I told you that I won.” I stood there in awe….what could I say? What could I do? Crithos is right, he had won………Christmas is over. I raised my head, looked at Crithos and said “ I may have lost but I ask that you return my friend Comet to his real state and not leave him as a guinea pig. We will leave after that.” Crithos laughed and said “Fine you overrated old man, I will return him to be a reindeer” and in a blue blast Comet was returned to me. I looked at Comet and said “we tried old friend and we lost.” Comet just bowed his head and raised it under my hand. We turned and started to walk away when we heard Crithos poof back into his lamp. Just as we heard Crithos poof, my magic bag that I had brought (the one that holds all of the Christmas presents I deliver) opened and out jumped Elf Nitetime and Erty. Erty jumped out of the bag yelling “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH” and was charging towards the lamp. Crithos poofed back out of the lamp and looked stunned. Just as Erty changed her hands to tunas, Nitetime engulfed both Crithos and Erty in darkness, except for Erty’s eyes. With Erty being able to see all I could hear was “slap, slap, slapslapslap”. Then there was one huge “SLLLAAAPPPPP.” Nitetime removed the darkness and there stood Erty over Crithos looking like a war raged soldier. She changed her hands back to normal and said “we heard everything Crithos, here is something funny, I am not magic, I am an E.L.F., ELF! Always have been and always will be.” Then Erty rubbed the lamp and Crithos cried out “NNNOOOOOOOOO!” as Erty wished for all to be back to normal with the elves. There was a big poof of blue smoke. Erty tried to changer her hands and couldn’t, the wish worked !!!!! All of a sudden Nitetime ran up and rubbed the lamp and then said “Just for safe measures, I wish this lamp will remain under the king’s throne of Atlantis until Atlantis itself rises from the ocean floor.” With another poof of blue smoke the lamp was gone. Nitetime checked under the throne and there is was shimmering. I looked at my elves and said “Thank you my friends, this was the greatest gift anyone could have given me. Let’s go home. Into the bag hopped Nitetime and Erty and onto Comet I went. “Home Comet, let’s go home.” So we are on our way home and this is where I will say good night. Sleep tight my darlings and dream of a grand Christmas!!!!!

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