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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 10

I woke up this morning to find my driving clothes laid out for me and a note saying “get dressed and come down to breakfast”. Perplexed, I did as the note said. I showered, brushed my teeth and got dressed and went down for breakfast. At the dinning table was another note saying “eat well, long day!”, even more bewildered I sat down at the dinning table in front of this huge platter that was covered. I uncovered the platter to find all sorts of breakfast goodies!! There was bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, fruit, juice and muffins!! Ho, Ho, Ho, so I did what the note said to do. I ate and boy did I eat well!!! I ate the whole platter!! At the bottom of the platter was another note. It read “Now Santa, come to the sleigh shop”. So, that is what I did, I made my way to the sleigh shop and hopefully to Bells and some good news!!

I started getting close to the sleigh shop when I started noticing that there were a great number of elves around. As I looked down the snow covered street I noticed that there was a circle of elves up ahead. I wondered what was going on? As I got closer I also noticed the sounds around me. There was none. There was no talking, no music or noises. All you heard was the sound of the wind. I was starting to get worried. As I walked by each elf they just looked at me, not talking, no visual expression. As I approached the now massive circle, the elves stepped aside as I walked closer, as if making a path for me. I am walking and looking at all my elves and all of them are looking at me not talking and no expressions. By now I am turned backwards and walking backwards towards the center of the circle until I make it to the circle’s center. I stop for a minute with a puzzled look on my face and I turn around to see Bells. I ask “Bells what is going on here, is everything ok?” Bells said to me, “I told you Santa all you had to do is trust me, Merry Christmas big guy!”

Bells stepped away and revealed a brand new sleigh!! It was so beautiful!! I couldn’t believe it. It was a deep, rich red with gold trim. The sleigh’s ski’s, harness for the reindeer was in gold with red sleigh bells and the ropes were gold in color as well. The seats in side were covered in red velvet. Bells had added a GPS system for flight navigation, there was a radio for music listening and a two way radio to talk to the elves back at base while I am out flying. I was in such awe. All I could do was shed a tear and thank Bells so much and I am sorry that I questioned her. I gave Bells a great big Santa hug. As I let Bells go she gave out a whistle and my reindeer team came out and got in line to be harnessed. Bells looked at me and said “we got it here; you go play with your new toy!” I looked at Bells and said “NO!”, “Not unless you come with us!” Bells replied with “really Santa?”, Yes Bells climb on it” I said.

Bells and I climbed in and I said “we are off, be home by dinner time Mrs. Claus!”

And with a snap of the rope and a call of the reindeer we were gone and gone all day long!! It rides like a champ! We, Bells and I, had a great time traveling the world today!!

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