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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
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December 10

The rising of the sun today brought a rising in my spirits! Maybe that is a bit inaccurate of a statement. I should say that when I awoke this morning the news that was already waiting for me brought me a moment of happiness followed shortly by a new concern. As I mentioned last night, it had been entirely possible that the boot print found by Depp was mine. Fortunately it is not mine as it is almost two boot sizes smaller than mine! So now the situation is – who is the owner of the boots that made that print in the snow? The three investigating elves all showed up to have some breakfast with me to go over some of the facts that have been discovered over the last several days. I told them to keep me informed on what they were finding and we ended our conversation with a cocoa toast to success for all.

I decided today was a good day to get back into the true business at hand – Christmas. I don’t think I can dawdle too long on secondary situations a moment longer without falling behind. And you know that just wouldn’t do! Fortunately the elves don’t really need me to be hanging all over time of them micro-managing their duties. All of the elves are well trained and have my greatest respect in job performance, so now I will just say that Christmas is still on schedule and it appears we may have another half day off this week. I sure hope so. Reindeer Roundup was a blast. Can hardly wait to see what new game Elf Gaim Boi has come up with. He is a clever fellow when it comes to game inventions. But I am sure many of you have enjoyed games he has had a hand in creating!

Tonight we had a ‘pot luck’ dinner in the town center. The decoration crew set up a few large tents to keep the food under just in case it snowed. I guess I had been so busy the last couple of days I hadn’t even known about the dinner. I was sitting down working away at responding to emails when Mrs. Claus came in and asked if I were planning to work all night or come to the dinner. You can be pretty sure that I finished the letter I was working on and got right out there to fix my plate! We had some great food and a lot of fun with Karaoke. Elf Dancing Star got up and sang “I Wish I was an Oscar Myer Weiner”. I think everyone was shocked because we normally just do Christmas Karaoke during the Christmas season, but about three seconds into the song everyone joined in. Now you know if someone sings that someone is going to sing “I Love Hot Dogs” and sure enough Elf Jingles took a turn and commenced to singing that exact song and once again we all joined in!

It was a great day. What better way is there than to continue on with the story?! So here we go!

(Mistyberg cont)
“Do you think you could slip past them and keep going for help?” Rayne continued not sure if he was asking to much of their new friend.
“As I always say ‘shouldn’t wait for the creek to rise’! No! I don’t always say that but I think I should. Don’t you? Isn’t that kind of like saying ‘get going now while the getting is good’? Hey, that is a good saying as well.” Harley said with a big smile. He really liked that saying.
“So you will go get us help?” asked Preslie. She was never quite sure of what Harley was talking about but he was still fun to listen to.
“Yes.” Harley said and then turned and left with no more words. An action that surprised everyone watching.

The thrumming continued into the night and they knew it was getting further and further away. After a good night’s sleep the distant engines could barely be heard over the singing of the birds, but it was good to still be cautious. After a few moments discussion, Curt and Thew volunteered to go around the bend and scout for any sign of ships or humans. Curt returned a few minutes later and reported it looked safe. Thew had continued on further and if all was safe would meet them at the end of the creek.
(to be cont)

Okay, okay, okay! I know. A second night of short in the tale telling. Do not worry though, before I jump on my sleigh and take off for the known, I will finish the tale of the town of Mistyberg. Although maybe I should say the tale of the berg Mistyberg. Hmm. Something certainly to sleep on! So off I go to sleep! Ho!Ho!Ho!

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