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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
holly holly and candycane bar holly

December 10

I woke up this morning to Mrs. Claus singing. Unusual? No, I often wake to her singing. It usually means she is very excitied about something or really happy. I was very curious to see which it was so I hurried to shower and get dressed so I could get down stairs to see what she was planning. After a good morning kiss Mrs. Claus told me about her plans for the day. Aaron, Audrey and Jayla were coming over and spend the day while their mom went to inspect the new house and move a few things in before she comes back here to get them. Corwin has volunteered to help her. Mrs. Claus said the kids are going to play, watch a movie, maybe do some arts and crafts and help her make cookies. She laughed and said yes she was planning on feeding them too when I asked. She seems to have their day planned.

When I got home, tonight for dinner, Aaron, Audrey and Jayla were still there. They told me all about their day. They said they played a little, helped with putting candy in boxes and making cookies. They got to make their own lunches and they were very excited about that. They said it made them feel like a big elf. Stacy came in just as Mrs. Claus and the kids were setting the table for dinner. We had a very nice dinner and then Stacy cleaned up the dishes for Mrs. Claus. The kids had some hot chocolate and cookies and watched TV while Stacy, Mrs. Claus and I talked as we had our hot chocolate. She said Corwin brought along Emer and the three of them got the furniture all set up in the house. At least the kids could sleep in their beds, in their own bedrooms, in their brand new house. She said the kitchen was done. The silverware was it its drawer, dishes and glasses were away as were the pots and pans. Towels we in the closet and what little groceries she had were put in the pantry and she and the kids would go to breakfast and then the store to get what they needed. Mrs. Claus, of course, said come to breakfast but Stacy said no but thank you. She had promised the kids they could go to the restaurant and invited us over for dinner tomorrow. Mrs. Claus was so delighted. After they left we came upstairs and got ready for bed. Mrs. Claus said she had such a wonderful day, gave me a kiss good night and then went right to sleep. I think I will join her in slumber land.

Good night.

The answer to yesterday’s SantaSearch Hunt is:

Candy Canes represent the staffs of the Sheppard’s who walked to Bethlehem to see the Baby Jesus.


What continent country started "Caroles By Candlelight"?

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holly holly and candycane bar holly


















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