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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
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December 10

I awoke this morning and peeked out the window while everyone was still asleep…..oh how I love the peace before our busy day begins!! It looked so calm and the snow was glistening from under the shinning sun. I decided that because we were ahead of schedule and the day was so beautiful that we should try something completely different, something we had never done before…..Ice Fishing!!

Loopy had done some research on it and told Mrs. Claus and myself all about it and it sounded like a nice relaxing way to spend a well earned day off. Mrs. Claus said she would be delighted to fry any fish that we had caught. Oh Joy a Fish Fry, with all the elves what a wonderful idea!!

Now, for all of you who live in the warmer climates, let me explain what ice fishing is. Ice fishing is just what it sounds like, fishing through the ice. There are certain things that must be happen 1st and some supplies that are needed. The lake must be frozen and the ice thick enough to hold old Santa *Chuckle Chuckle*. George, our Harbor Master, has assured us that the ice is very safe to be out on, and has given us a map of the good fishing spots Ho! Ho! Ho! The tools and supplies that are needed are as follows: 1 ice auger (this is used to drill the hole in the ice, so you can put your fishing rod in.) 1 tent or fold down shack with a small heater (to keep you warm and to stop the North winds from freezing the drilled hole over again). Then of course you need your fishing supplies, fishing rod, lures & bait. And last but not least you need food and of course Mrs. Claus’ famous hot chocolate!! Oh I almost forgot to mention that we must dress very warmly, so all the scarves that Mrs. Claus was knitting last year will be put to good use and keep us from getting any frostbite. We will be using Santa’s sleigh to load everything on, I sure hope there is room for all the elves and myself *Wink & Chuckle*. It will give the elves, reindeer and myself a chance to test-drive the sleigh to make sure that it's ready to go when the big night arrives.

I had lost all track of time daydreaming about our ice fishing adventure, Jingles awoke and ran straight to work shop and started ringing the work bell. He had realized that all the elves had overslept. It was a mad race for all the elves to get to the workshop, some were dressed, some arrived in their thermal long johns, some were tripping over each other as they tried to get their pointed shoes on, and some even ran through the snow in their bare feet hanging onto their socks and shoes!! I tried to make a mad dash over to the workshop to settle everyone down and tell them my surprise, I went running out the door and bumped into Erty who was carrying a load of wood to get the stoves going to warm up the workshop, the next thing I knew I landed in a nice fluffy snow bank of freshly fallen snow, it was like landing on a pile of feathers. Ho! Ho! Ho! Erty was buried under some logs and she was saying, her voice was muffled from all the elves trying to get to the workshop. I gave a loud whistle and that got everyone’s attention, soon it was so quiet you could have heard a jingle bell *Chuckle Chuckle*. I bent down to check on Erty and to hear what she was saying. I made sure that she wasn’t hurt and asked her what she was trying to say. She was so excited that the words came out all mixed up “bait, tents, boxes, many, arrived”. Before I let her continue I asked her to please calm down and take a deep breath and then tell us what she was talking about. She took a very deep breath and told us a BIG parcel had just arrived and it was filled with fishing rods, tents, heaters, fishing lures, all kinds of interesting items.

Well I guess it was time to let everyone in on our plans for the day. I asked them to all gather around as I had an announcement to make. I started off by saying that there would be NO work today, everyone had looks of bewilderment on their faces. That sure caught their attention and I continued with my story about what we were going to do today.

When Loopy told me about Ice fishing I did some research of my own, and because I wanted to keep this a surprise, I went shopping all by myself and picked up all the necessary gear, you should have seen the look on the salespersons face when I told them the quantities I needed Ho Ho Ho! Of course they didn’t have enough to supply each of us with our own rod and reel, but that is a good thing this way the parents can help their elfrin, and the older elfrin can help the younger ones, which will teach the little ones how important sharing and helping others is. Everyone was so excited to get going, you could hear hip hip hoorays all through Christmas Town.

Oh jingle bells!! I'm down to my last sip of hot chocolate, but I can hear Mrs. Claus stirring in the kitchen, I need to ask her to help me assign each of the elder elves a task so we don't have absolute chaos!! I’m so eager to get going, I can hardly wait to get everyone organized and packed and get out to Reindeer Lake and enjoy a nice relaxing day of Ice Fishing.

Once we get home I will let you know how things turned out.

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