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Sunday, May 27, 2018  |  212 Days Until Christmas
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December 1

Yes! We made it to December once again! Wow! I am busting at the seams to get bustling with work today! Already I received a fax from Chocolake that the night shift filled enough bags with stocking stuffers that I can pick them up anytime today! What a great way to get the day going! Ms. Claus already called over there and told them to close the bags tight. Not that I can blame her. An open bag of goodies is hard to resist when I deliver them to the various warehouses to hold for my trip. Last year I snacked so much dropping off the ‘hold bags’ that I ran out of stocking stuffers too early on each continent. Fortunately there are always the back-up ‘magic bag’ which allows me to reach into it and think hard for what I want to pull out. But that is a tale of another color and one to be explained in more detail at another time. Suffice it to say that this year Jessica is keeping me honest! Ho!Ho!Ho!

Emails to Santa are flowing in and as many of you have already noticed I am happily sending out as many responses as I can a day. Sometimes I see some of you at the malls or while I am in a parade, so I have to make sure I don’t repeat myself too much! All in all though, it is a great day with the beginning of December! The decorations committee is getting the final ornaments for Christmas Towns’ center finished. I am sure we didn’t help too much by making a big mess out there yesterday with the Reindeer Roundup, but they always manage to get things going. How’s the decorating coming in your town? Anything interesting to see? You can bet I will be enjoying the sites again this year.

Whoops! Mrs. Claus says I am rambling instead of writing. I guess my mind is on so many things right now. So I will get right to the story and then we can all get some sleep!

“Are we safe here?” Asked Cody and Amalie in unison.
“There is no safe place. But I have heard of a place that you can possibly get some help.” Rasth uttered more as a thought spoken aloud than to anyone in particular. He had never ventured very far himself and had only heard tales of this place that was further north over the broken rocks and then across miles of snow.
“Who can help us?” Kenzy asked. Although normally shy and quiet, Kenzy was loving the adventure they were on. She was already in the mood to go for a good swim and this sitting around was starting to make her restless.
“Well,” began Rasth “I have heard of a man named Santa that has many elves that do good for many around the world. It is possible he can do something to help you all out.”
“Where do we find him?” Preslie asked.
Looking up at the sky, Rasth said, “you need to go to the North Pole. To go north, you watch where the sun rises and where it sets, and head towards the middle. That is the trail that will take you there.”
“Come on everyone, let’s go. I think we can make it across to almost reach the land before the moon is fully overhead.” Preslie said hoping some encouraging words would strengthen every ones morale.
So off they swam leaving Rasth diving deep to the sandy floor searching for clams. They swam longer distances and upon reaching the second ice flow Rayne said “I’m hungry.”
This was the first time in many days that any of them had even considered the word ‘hungry’ much less felt the twinges in their bellies.
“Me too,” Jean stated as she looked at her tummy which was making a strange noise.
Kenzy looked over at Jean in surprise. Jeans brown eyes lit up as she giggled. Kenzy joined in laughing at the strange noises gurgling inside Jeans tummy. Soon, all the cubs were laughing and for the first time in over a week they really felt happiness.
“Well then,” Preslie said “Let’s go find some late night snacks!”
So off they swam, looking for fish to snack on. But more importantly, they were making sure they kept their path toward the North Pole as the primary focus. Eating lots of fish was very good in ending hunger and restoring energy, but getting help was foremost on all their minds.
(to be continued)

Another day, another entry and now it is time for another jump into my bed and covering up my head and sleep like a tired fella! Hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful night.

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