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Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  187 Days Until Christmas
holly holly and candycane bar holly

December 1

I got up early to write you. Today is going to be very busy and I wanted to tell you all about last night.

I rushed home so we could have an early dinner and get ready for the opening of the Ice Sculpture Exhibit. When we got there it was great to see everyone that wasn't working had come to the Town Square. All the other elves will be able to go see the sculptures on their nights off from work. Since the temperature is so cold here the Ice sculptures certainly won't melt anytime soon. Ice stays around here a very, very long time. We couldn’t see a thing because the elfrin had built a maze out of bed sheets and for the moment the entrance was blocked. We had to wait to see the finished projects and it was driving the elfrin bananas!! First things first, we had to light the town Christmas tree and sing a few songs. Usually we sing some songs, someone will give a speech, then I will say a few words *wink & chuckle* *chuckle and wink*, the tree is lit and then we sing long into the night. Tonight a wise elf took charge. 2 songs were sung, and only the most known verses! I didn't open my mouth and the tree lights were turned on. Instead of more songs Arwen went to the microphone and said 5 words. That's it, just 5 words. "Let's go see the sculptures!" All the elfrin let out a squeal and went running for the maze. Everyone else got in line for a beautifully amazing night.

The first exhibit we came to along the path was the preschool and kindergartens. The elfrin were very enthusiastic about their display. There were 6 snow people that represented the teachers and then 115 "snowmen" for each elfrin. Some of the snowmen weren't much more than blobs with 2 eyes but the wee ones were oh so proud of them. The really cool part was the lights from the tree were shinning on the ice figures so just about every snowman was a different color. As I walked the paths I marveled at he positioning of the sculptures so the lights shone on them. We next passed the 1st-3rd graders exhibits. There were stars and triangles, some diamonds and a few attempts at circles, all of many different colors. There was even, with the help of the teachers, an igloo that the ferrets thought would make a great house. The 4th - 6th grades had snowflakes of all sizes, a couple of snowmen and a few dinosaurs - I think. One such creature was green on one side of the path and purple on the other side - Godzilla meets Barney? Our Middle School - grades 7 - 9 had some horses, rabbits, birds and a few penguins. I saw a lot of young raw talent there. We next entered a clearing with tables where we could rest and have a snack and hot chocolate. After we had a rest and drink we continued down the maze to the High School exhibits. The first thing we found was a coach. It stood 14 feet (426.72cm ) high, was 8 feet (243.84cm)long and 4 feet (121.92cm)wide. With the purple lights of the tree reflecting off the ice it looked so regal and reminded me of Cinderella's coach on the way to the ball. There were small wheels in front and large wheels in the rear. Latticework ran up the back of the coach and down the front behind the drivers seat. The small doors on the sides let us see inside and I could picture Cinderella sitting there. There was a beautiful "gold" cap and cross on the top. Of course the gold came from the orange and yellow lights reflections. Mrs. Claus said how much she loved it. Don't tell her I said so, but she said she loved every display she saw. As we made a right turn we could hear the ooohs and ahhs and ohhhs there to the right was an elf standing in the middle of some toys. I'm sure this was coordinated with the tree lights committee as the elf's hat and suit were green, his face, arms and legs were clear and the toys were a mixture of colors. The elf stood 4ft (121.92cm) tall, taller than most if not all the elves. Farther down we came to a life size reindeer - it was Rudolf! I could tell because his nose was red! I asked how they did the colors since I was sure we had no brown lights on our tree. Caitlin told me they put cherry juice in a small section of ice and soda, for the brown color in the rest of the block. The red light that shown on it really made his nose glow. Now, of course all the reindeer went looking for their statue and we continued on our way. The next sculpture was a polar bear and penguins playing soccer. Blackberry juice and soda was used to make the black colors. Yes, of course, Mrs. Claus just loved these 2 very much! We saw some magnificent dinosaurs, T-Rex, Brontosaurs, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, dimetrodon all in white. I was told by Aaron that milk was frozen in the ice to get the milk white color. What a site to see!! A total surprise to me the last exhibit was. I was speechless! A condition Mrs. Claus says doesn't happen very often. There, before me stood a detailed, life size replica of Santa and reindeer ready to take our big trip. I didn't know we looked so good!! HO! HO! HO! The details on the sleigh was perfect in every way, little leaves, bells, holly berries was there. Each reindeer with his little quirks and harness, it just seemed as if they had just gotten in their spot and were ready!

What an amazing evening! I did not know we had all that talent in our schools.

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