Sneller, Charlie


As I learned to crawl, the three pedals underneath the upright piano became my close friends. The slight, but audible harmonic sound that the strings make when the pedals release intrigued me. At the age of two, I ventured onto the piano bench and began working on melodies (according to my mother). That paid off later, as my kindergarten teacher invited me to perform on the piano while the class sang (on the keys, not on the pedals!).

My biggest fans were my parents. They not only kept me motivated to play (practice, practice, ...), but encouraged me to pursue my art and writing skills.

My High School Band Director, Terry Blackley (Fullerton Union High School), challenged me to compose and arrange music for marching band and studio jazz band. I am thankful for his guidance and inspiration. Following graduation, I attended the University of Redlands.

In addition to recording CDs, I produce other artists, write soundtrack music, produce audio tracks for read-along storybooks, develop and perform sound effects, and play on a cool worship team on Sunday mornings.

In concert, I improvise songs "live" for people selected from the audience. They join me on stage as I play their song. Recently, I opened in concert for Mary Rice Hopkins. The children out-numbered the adults. A challenging house to play for, but fun!

Performing music that is relaxing and encouraging to others is what I enjoy the most, whether it is for a soundtrack, special gathering or worship service. To translate emotions into music is an amazing process to experience. My goal as a composer and performer is to successfully guide the listener or viewer on a journey that brings them safely home. Enjoy the music!

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